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European titanium dioxide market keep stable,domestic promote price rising factors appeared frequently

2012.07.16   08:59

Now titanium dioxide is regarded as the best performance pigment of white in the world. It is mainly used in coating, plastic, printing ink, papermaking and so on, among them coating occupies 60%. Recently the basic trend of titanium dioxide market is: stable in international and rising in domestic.

European titanium dioxide price keeps stable sustainable

It is reported by Metal Bulletin that European titanium dioxide market keeps working steadily. According to some statistics, European titanium dioxide market started to fall slightly in the end of May, and at the start of June after lower a bit price, the price keeps stable until now. Currently the quoted market price is 7.4-7.7-dollars/kg titanium. Domestic titanium concentrates market keeps rising, and the climbing mine is the best, the formal climbing titanium price is not confirmed. 47 kind of ore lump has been put into the market and the trial price is about 2200 yuan/tone. Titanium backward products look forward to improving price too.

Typhoon cause the rising price of Hainan titanium mine

The observatory reports that the fifth tropical storm “Terry” will boecome the typhoon who will first influence our nation. Be affected by Terry and southwest monsoon , most of Hainan and Fujian ,also the eastern and southern part of Guangdong will suffer the rain or the rainstorm, among them the part where the eastern Haihan has the rainstorm is alomost the total titanium mineral area.

In the early days the Hainan is rainy continuously, which inflenced the exploiting and drying of local titanium mine, the local titanium mine became short because of it. But be enslaved to unrelease need of downstream titanium, the titanium concentrates price tend to be stable generally in Hainan recently, and now Panzhihua titanium ore price is likely to fight aginst the Hainan titanium mine. But insiders all know that Hainan titanium concentrates are prior to Panzhihua titanium ore in quality, with Vietnam government ‘s restrict to titanium mine’s export, in the late period the Vietnam titanium supply will decrease shapely and in the summer the possibility of happening tropical storms, all sorts of factors will impact on the rising price of Hainan titanium mine in the late period.

Domestic market condition analysis

Since the inflation of prices of titanium dioxide market in June, the main price keeps stable, but now the market development is still in a fork, in a turbulent period.

The first tier enterprises and scale enterprises in titanium dioxide market offer the high price because of channel ,quality, brands and some other factors, the recent sales volume are also not bad; to the small scale enterprises or manufactures the sales are a little low. Currently in the market there are various levels products which have different prices too, the first tier companies are more strong, the price keeps stable or rising a little bit; second- and third-tier enterprises turn up to correct prices on purpose to promote sales ocassionally.

Recently the discuss about message of Vietnam ban mine is a little intensive, insiders think that this action is mixed to titanium dioxide market, it will not also cause the titanium dioxide market raw materials crisis, not also a bg shock to the fluctuations in prices.

Titanium dioxide market tendenvy analysis in the late period.

Titanium dioxide market does not have big fluctuations in the short-term, but in the late period, because of the environment , measures and market’s effect, the price will rising up slowly.

By Betty

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