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Demand of Digital printing machine in China increased year by year

2012.07.09   10:02

According to statistics, the inventory of various types of digital ink-jet printing machine in our country is about 700 in 2011,and the quantity of digital ink-jet printing is 140 million meters, both of them have changed a lot.

From the statistics also we can see that the proportion of digital ink-jet printing fabric in China's textile printing industry is very small. It is less than 1% compare with total amount. Different from the domestic situationatm, at present occupancy volume of digital printing machine abroad is larger.

  Our nation’s research of digital ink-jet printing technology is a bit late. As the most printing and dyeing enterprises are facing great pressure of energy saving and emission reduction, the superiorities of digital printing gradually appears. Figures show that use traditional printing equipment for printing, there are about 30% of the dyes can't combinate with fiber,and would be washed away trough rinsing and  thus cause pollution.While digital printing ink technology uses direct injection process, dyes only be used 40% compare with tradition way, and only 5% of ink in the post-processing would be washed away, so the pullution is only 1/15-1/25 compare with traditional printing process.The demand of digital printing for printing and dyeing enterprises sharply increasing year by year because of the advantages of digital printing machines,such as convenient,quick, environmental protecting etc.

By Nicole

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