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How to strengthen marketing ability of coating brand

2012.07.06   08:48

The coating brand attached great importance to the description of product properties and traceability of technology. Even some enterprise give up developing environmental protection  and other performance, but develop acid curing paint which is corrosive to highlight their brand’s advantage "no yellowing". But when the consumers pay attention to safety and personality of decoration in recent years, each coating brand has advertised their products with environmental protection, healthy properties.

Coating’s trait of “semi-finished product” is quite obvious, the characteristic of products is short of intuitive. So it is difficult for consumers to subdivide and classify through marketing standards. The concept and the function of products in the competition war, which occupies an important position, following concept and prospect is general, and also commonly used by manufacturers. The product has significant force of endogenous characteristics. first, its advantage reflected in excavating the core of product mechanism, but the product concept innovation and advantages in reasonable range of technology performance ; secondly, we want to notice corresponding relationship matching different products and consumption demand, to form a complete strategy and achieve the product varieties system power; thirdly, we want to notice to echo product policy, such as preferential and service sales policy to rich the added value of products.

Shaping products should be focused on transformation of the concept of coating brand technology and refinement of product function, outgoing change of the interests of products, and making vivid of product, added value of product sale. The added value of sales is to closest to the potential of the consumer demand, the enterprises should strengthen the core of the product interests in their service, and promotion.

By Nicole

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