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Next Year New Regulations to Test Textiles Harmful Substances will be Adopted

2012.07.03   10:42

Recently, the International Environmental Protection Association released 100 kinds of textile products’  harmful substances test and the latest limit value requirements at the annual meeting.To give the enterprise  sufficient time to adjust and regulate the production, the new regulations specifically allow manufacturers to have a transition period of adjustment ,the exact effective date is April 1,2013.

According to reports, the re-evaluation of the test parameters are based on current market and product development direction, the newly discovered toxic substances and new regulatory requirements mainly considered the requirements of the REACH regulation Among them, N-methyl pyrrolidone and dimethylacetamide harmful substances which related to the textile production has added into the REACH SVHC list in 2011.Under the new inspection standards, these two chemical substances have been put into  the new subject of “solvent residues”, the limit value demands not to exceed the weight ratio of 0.1%.

So, inspection and quarantine departments remind the textile manufacturing enterprises that firstly they should concerned about the changes of textile standards required by the relevant departments, to improve the production process timely according to the new requirements;secondly, managed the inspection work of the finished product, to avoid retention, returned or other conditions because of the N-methyl pyrrolidone and dimethylacetamide ceramide and other ingredients do not meet the standards.;thirdly, to be strict though select raw material quality, and the same time choosig dyes,additives, must pay attention to the types and limits of harmful substances and limits to ensure product quality and safety.

By Xu Xiyi

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