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Kenya surfactant market is thriving

2012.05.17   08:55

With the development of Kenya economy and the improvement of people's living level, Kenya increases its demand of the home and personal care consumer good quickly, so as to promote the expansion of its main component anionic surfactant market, which worthy the investor to pay attention to. American growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan published a research report which undertake to analyse this phenomonen in March.

Anionic surface active agent which used in household products mainly include the following categories, the general functional products, textiles and fabrics, toilet cleaning, washing supplies and so on. In the personal care area, the products are mainly used in hair care, skin care and oral care.

Kenya anion surface active agent which used for household and personal care products’market is in growth stage. In 2010, two areas’ total sales volume of the anionic surface active agent reached 22000 tons, the market total sales arrived 31000000 dollar, grow 4.5% compared to the same period. By 2015, Kenya anionic surfactant market total sales is expected to reach US $45000000, the average annual growth rate from 2010 to2015 can claim up to7.9%.

Frost & Sullivan company analysis that, as a whole , 59% of the anionic surfactant which used in Kenyan household and personal care products rely on imports.The main reason why it has high dependence on imports is that the native Kenya anionic surfactant have unlasting. properties different types of surfactants have different degrees of dependence on import. Such as 95% SLES rely on imports, but only 40% of the LABSA rely on imports. with Kenyan continuously devaluation and decreasing of the exchange rates, the dependence on imports will give local FMCG manufacturers great pressure.

As a result of Kenyan peoples’ high sensibility to the price, the local care consumer goods manufacturers would certainly pay more attention to costs control. But when people realize that there is a big difference between this two goods, they will certainly turn to the cheap one.

Frost & Sullivan company pointed out, now anionic surface active agent in Kenya market is heavily depended on imports. The enter of the multinational fast moving consumer goods manufacturers will further promote the market demand to increase, the market situation is good for future growth. The company also reminded, exchange rate movements and the political and economic instability may bring risk.

By Allen

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