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Accelerate the transformation and upgrading,the dyestuff and pigment industry entered a new round of adjustment period

2012.05.16   08:57

We can know from the twelfth China International Dye Industry, Pigments,Textile Chemicals Exhibition which was held in Shanghai from April 11 to 13 that in the effect of the tightening energy saving and emission reduction policy,weak external demand,rising costs and other factors,China's dyestuff and pigment industry began to enter a new round of adjustment period.As the market competition is more intense,dye enterprises have to bear the increasingly operating pressure,the whole industry has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrade.

According to the China Dyestuff Industry Association General Secretary-Tian Liming’s introduction,in 2011 China's dyestuff and organic pigment exports have fallen.Dye export 24.3 million tons, decreased for 10.7 percent from the previous year,the export of organic pigments was 150,000 tons,decreased 2.7 percent from the previous year.We can see from our country’s biggest dye yield province-Zhejiang’s statistical data,from January to February, Zhejiang dye production,sales,exports have decreased compared to last year,industrial output value,sales revenue,profits and taxes, profits and export delivery value and various economic indicators also declined compared to last year.Combinated with export data and industry operating conditions,Li-Ming Tian analysis that dyestuffs and pigments industry increasing growth rate is slowing down and in 2012 it might be likely to continue this trend.

Jiangsu Yabang dye limited liability company’s general manager Zhang Hua said,dye industry’s growth are closely related with economic growth,even dye industry is no exception in the condition of decreasing domestic economic growth.Foreign and domestic market conditions are not optimistic either,along with domestic dye industry’s overcapacity,less sized enterprises,large enterprise dispersion,the competition is becoming more and more fierce.Dye industry is in the stage of adjusting,developing to  the direction of a higher degree of concentration in the future.In addition,the strict environmental protection policy also requires that the whole industry to proceed a new round of shuffle objectively, environmental protection backward enterprises will be eliminated.

Zhejiang Transport Corporation Deputy General Manager Luo ju-tao also tells a reporter,at present the enterprises’profit though still maintain growing,however the growth speed will slowed down. In his opinion,the dye industry is bound to go through this kind of adjustment course through the expansion from small to large.

The Application Technology Center deputy technical director of the Shanghai Anoky Textile Chemical Industry Company Limited Tang Xiaofei emphasized that,although the whole industry development speed has slowed down compared with a few years ago,some enterprises’competitiveness in the adjustment period will continue to improve.

Fidelity Dandong Chemical Dyes Limited Company Wang Kecheng pointed out,great changes happened in the concepts of mass consumption which has transfered the external demand from quantity to quality change,this is the other objective reason why it require the enterprises to transformate.The future market need more personalized,high-quality and environment-friendly products, so enterprises need to continuously strengthen the ability of technological innovation.

By Le Qi

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