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Analyse the Coating enterprises' external environment and strategy for breaking out in 2012

2012.03.14   12:50

In 2012,the domestic real estate adjustment policy keeps proceeding,high cost with unstopped upward momentum,elusive normalized monetary trend...Faced with this unfavorable external economic environment,how can enterprises break through a tight encirclement?

Strengthen R & D efforts

We can not deny that the coating industry products' coessential change an appearance serious,to improve the ability of innovation,and develop characteristic products are the magic weapons of the enterprises.

Look from the international market,the mainstream and high-end market has been controlled by the foreign coating giants,most of our country's brands occupied the low-end market by high quality and inexpensive products.To the domestic market,the first-line or second-line cities' market have been gradually saturated,but three line,four line cities still have a brilliant future.Therefore,on the premise of ensuring the products quality,the national coating enterprises should vigorously develop the series products with high quality and inexpensive traits,to adapt the three-line or four-line cities' market consumption level.

Constructing a new relationship among enterprises

Stagnant market has influences on the product sales,the household industry detailers generally have a difficult time.Teeth can't live without lips,coating distributors could not sell the products,the coating companies are on pins and needles.Thus,the coating companies should positively help and support the dealers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Firstly,both two sides should establish a win-win concept, manufacturers and distributors should unite in a concerted effort to achieve the sales and profits goals,build a win-win relationship. Secondly,Coatings enterprises should strengh the marketing support efforts,complete the support of products,store decoration, advertising measures and so on.In addition,we need to perfect the service system,strengthen marketing.For the coatings industry,the products that the enterprises give to the dealers are only "semi-finished products",which need the dealers further service and work. In this process,the enterprise should give dealers the effective support and good service.

Accelerate the channel sinking

As a result of the real estate adjustment policy,strong wait-and-see emotion maret has appeared in the first-line or second-line city of the household industry,which the coating industry feels strong.To sink channels,occupy the huge potential market of the three or four lines markets first,is the priority among priorities through the development of the coating companies.

To regard the two or three line markets as the main markets, which has become the development strategy of all the national coatings enterprises.In the condition of the foreign brands such as Nippon and Dulux occupied the first-line or second-line markets which lead to the markets' saturation trend,and Maydos,Ba Deshi, tree or other outstanding national coatings enterprises achieved remarkable results through the basic reclaiming in the rural market. The Dabao Coating also has achieved remarkable results through vigorously developing the rural market,combined with their own advantages to reagrd the sales man as core,and actively explore the three or four lines market.

Give full play to advantages to stronger oneself

Generally speaking,the enterprise development has two different kinds of strategy pattern:bigger and stronger (diversification) and designed to do strong (specialization).Which is the optimal path more suitable for the coating enterprises development and can help the enterprises to be stronger. Nowadays,people's consumption demands tend to be personalised and diversified,the enterprises who specialize in specialization products,use low cost and the differentiation to form competitive advantages,can also be established in the market to develop and grow.

For the coatings enterprises,the most important thing lies on the reasonable position,combined with own advantages to choose the fittest developping pattern,and insist to it all the way.No matter the diversification or specialization,the one who is conducive to enterprises' development is a good strategy pattern.

By Sabrina

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