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The (adjacent) chlorine toluene market quotation analysis

2012.03.16   13:21

         In 2011,the domestic CPI index stays high,the real estate market seems unable to get up after a fall,the economic situation keeps an unprecedented downturn,under this recession background,the (adjacent) chlorine toluene shows a good situation of a short supply.

First,China Chlorine toluene market and production status.

Chlorotoluene is the main product of the chlorinated toluene liquid,which can produce many important fine chemicals and intermediates through the side chain and ring reaction.Currently the fluorotoluene has derived more than 100 kinds of products,mainly distributed in pesticide,medicine and dye industry,these industries now are the industries who are rapidly developped in China.

As China’s labor cost is relatively low compared to the developed countries,with the high-developed production technology,we have many products not second to the developed countries.Therefore,these kind of products have strong competitiveness in the international market,in fact at present our country has a substantial part of fluorotoluene and the downstream products are mainly used for export.

In recent years,the  4-Chlorotoluene is in short supply at home,the consumption accelerated more than 20% annually. According to the survey,more than 60% of China’s toluene chloride production enterprises directly produce the downstream toluene products,but these derivatives are mainly used for export;about 35% a sold to the enterprises;and about 3%-5% for export.

In 2005,Chinese 4-Chlorotoluene annual production capacity is about 50,000 tons,output is about 45000 tons.By 2010,China's production capacity has reached 130000 tons/year,during 5 years, with an annual average growth rate about 60%,China has become the world's largest producer of 4-Chlorotoluene. 

The current domestic large-scale production enterprises:


Jiangsu Yangtze River chemical



Danyang Super Chemical



Constant of salt 1500T/month


Zhong Teng Jiangsu chemical 1200T/month


Aoda chemical 1000T/month

Now the toluene chloride enterprises in our country mainly produce the downstream products.In the future,we should actively extend the industrial chain,develop to the downstream,meanwhile actively explore the international market.

Second,the analysis and forecast of the 4-Chlorotoluene’s future demands.

With the mature and improvement of the Chlorine toluene synthesis technology,the application of the downstream products’ continuously expansion,and foreign countries’ being cautious on developping the chlorinated organic intermediates,to refer the development history of the organic basis of intermediate chlorinated benzenes,benzyl chloride,para-nitrochlorobenzene over the past 10 years.it can be predicted that in the next few years,the Chlorine toluene domestic demand will grow at least at an average rate of 10% annually.We can expected that the consumption amount of 2011 will be 140,000 tons/year,in 2012 the consumption volume will reach to 160,000 tons/year,in 2013 the consumption will be 180,000 tons/year.

2011-2013 Chinese Chlorine toluene demands forecast:





Production Capacity( tons )




Output ( ton)




Consumption ( tons )




By Sabrina

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