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The titanium dioxide prices will rise slowly in the first quarter of the 2012

2012.03.19   16:51

On December 15th,DuPont announced the increase of the prices of the titanium dioxide which was sold in Western,Central Europe and North Africa,the amount of the increase was 200 euros/ton (about 260 U.S. dollars/ton),the increase would come into effect on February 1th,2012;another titanium dioxide production giant,the Cristal Global,also issued on December 20th,to increase 15 cents per pound (U.S. $ 330/t) of all the anatase and rutile titanium dioxide products sold in North America,this price would take effect since January 1th,2012;on December 21th,the U.S manufacturer Tronox announced the increase of the titanium dioxide price by 15 cents/lb (about 330 U.S. dollars/ton). It is reported that since this year,the Europe and the United States titanium dioxide manufacturing giants including the Dupont Titanium Technology,have raised the price several times.

At present,the domestic market price seems kept steady:the rutile titanium dioxide with sulfuric acid method made by Yuxing Chemical’s price is 19600 yuan/ton (tax included) on Jan 5th, Chongqing Xinhua Chemical BA01-01 anatase titanium dioxide (made of sulfuric acid method) is sold at the price of 17000 yuan/ton (tax included).It is understood that the price of the mainstream manufacturers’ rutile titanium dioxide in early January is at 19,000 yuan/ton,anatase titanium dioxide’s price is at 17,000 yuan/ton.Jiang Zhao,the Spanish-American researcher,said that as the result of the continuing shortages and the impact of rising raw material costs,the titanium dioxide prices will rise slowly in the first quarter of 2012.

By Betty

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