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2012 China Coating, Paint Industry Work Annual Meeting was held in Hangzhou

2012.03.22   14:32

"2012 China Coating Paint Industry Work Anuual Meeting" which is sponsored by China Coating Industry Association,held ceremoniously on March 20 in Xiaoshan Golden Horse Hotel.

Chairman SunLianYing made a report at the meeting which concerns the economic operation situation in 2011 and the outlook analysis of China coating industry in the year of 2012.The experts of the housing and the ministry of construction part in China Petrochemical Association,and the experts of the key enterprises, discussed some of the rules and regulations which were related to paint,VOC control,market analysis,development trend.The insiders in the Ningbo Coating Paint Industry Association,Donsen Company, Flywheel Company,Dada Company,Xinan Company,and other companies which in circle of Ningbo coating industry also attended the meeting,and communicated with each other.

By Nicole

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