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Analyse the condition of the inflation of the titanium dioxide’s prices in 2012

2012.03.23   09:02

Since the last November the titanium dioxide created its lowest price record,the titanium dioxide market ushered in an inflection point,the quoted price went up step by step.From the late November,the domestic titanium dioxide price has already increased about 30%,which quickly approaching to the highest price of the last year.

The quotation closes to the highest price of the last year.

Titanium dioxide is mainly defined as two structures,the rutile titanium dioxide and anatase titanium dioxide.Take the large sales’ rutile titanium dioxide with sulfuric acid process at home as an example,the monitoring data from the commodity data vendors PPIcn showed that in November 18th,the variety created the lowest price 16950 yuan/ton of the last year,but up to now,Shandong DongJia,Sichuan Lomon qotation prices reach about 21000 yuan/ton,which of the Billions reachs 20650 yuan/tons,the maximum amount of increase closes to 24%.Individual manufacturers’ offers even reach to 22000yuan/ton,approximate to the price in last June about 23000 yuan/ton.

"Titanium dioxide prices rising receive the transmission of the upstream titanium concentrate above all".With the recent low southern titanium concentrate factories’s operating rate and the year-end stocking up,the price of titanium dioxide soaring.Until the early February,Panzhihua 46 grade titanium concentrate’s mainstream reference quotation is in 2150-2200 yuan/tons (not conclude tax),which has increased largely compared to the last November,supported titanium dioxide’s prices rising continuously.

In the respects of supply and demand,the domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers had stopped selling single check in succession at the end of the year,the emotions to store products for further selling changed heavily,market products turnover declined.Therefore,the downstream began stocking,and the manufacturers in the central China and the southwestern part shut down work for maintenance,which aggravated the contradiction between supply and demand,the distributors’ emotions to store goods to buy up got more obviously.

It is worthy noticing that a number of large producers focus on the foreign trade market,which lead to the domestic supply decreasing sharply.Such as Shandong DongJia,it takes the foreign orders first.Sometimes it is even too busy to notice the domestic orders.In the circumstance of limited rising,there is no doubt that the prise would rise .

The manufacturers overseas raised prices one after another.

Since this year,the foreign titanium dioxide giants Dupont, Huntsman,Kronos (KRONOS),Teno (Tronox) have raised prices, which formed stimulation to the domestic market.

Kronos CEO Steve Watson stated that,due to the continuous tight supply,2012 titanium dioxide prices will rise 15%-20 %.

Dupont and other enterprises reset the titanium dioxide price to increase 15~25 cent/ton,which made the import productions price reach to 30000 yuan/ton.

Japanese Ishihara corporation announced that from April 1st, the high-purity titanium dioxide will increase 150yen/kg,while the titanium tetrachloride will increase 60 yen/kg.

By Emily

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