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The outlook of the Plasticizer, oil price and chemical market trendency at next week

2012.05.11   08:37

Although he United States economic data and the actual demand of crude oil will affect the oil price,the United States high inventory will become the leading factors of the international oil price.Later period the oil prices will fall shakely,however the adjusting space is limited.

Domestic oil market prices continue to fall,keep declining along with the three places’ crude oil rate,the downstream terminal and traders continue to wait and see to base purchases on sales. We have no obvious benefit to support in the short term,the downward trend will continue.

Chemical monomer demand insipid,price will drop partly while wholely stable next week.Aromatic quotation will in a statemate with the insipid demand.Downstream phenolic ketones, esters, alcohols and additives market supply increased,because of the whole shipment does not go well and the cost,the price will have small fluctuation.At the same time,chemical fiber type under the condition of having strong raw material and stable rigid demand, the trend next week maintains a narrow range consolidation.

Downstream plastic is lack of power to change in the terminal demand,factory sales pressure increased,so it will maintain the weak trend next week.Coal chemical industry and inorganic products’ trading market is difficult to prosperous,in the later period the trend remains deadlocked.

Taken together,domestic commodity markets remain loose, with tight funds the require aspect won’t change. Before the policy window open,the chemical products market will continue to concussion finishing.

By Allen

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