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Resistance exsits in the fluctuation of phenol price

2012.05.10   15:44

Phenol price fluctuated,the market atmosphere warming and cooling interweaved.Under the condition of bad following-up of the terminal substantial demand,the market outlook is not sure.These are the following reasons:

Be aimed at the information of Yangzhou Kingboard phenol device products were put into the market in April,some petrochemical enterprises came up with a strategy that greatly rose the quotation twice on the basis of the limited sales,and the extent reached as much as 1000/ 1100 yuan/ ton.In addition to the importers standed the pressure of the loss of sales in the long-term,their intentions to raise prices are obvious specially.Under the several aspects of the good condition, the downstream terminal’s inquiry consciousness increased gradually,proper price trading appeared frequently.The market atmosphere is active.

However when it approaching to the holidays of 5.1,the market atmosphere changed,the key point showed the trend of going down.Analysed the whole effect atmosphere,the main factors rely on the reducing purchasing atmosphere after the terminal inquiry.When the preliminary market focus went up greatly,we could not avoid the phenomenon of some terminal customers’ panic buying,which can be regarded as planted ammunition for the afternoon market.Back to the market after 5.1 holiday did not stop the steps of the quotations going down,under the situation of no purchasing intention of the terminal,the phenomenon that the holders were willing to sell products with low price emerged frequently,but the slaes volumes were not big.

In a word,the phenol price fluctuated recently,we should pay close attention to petrochemical enterprises’ price at the same time we should not ignore the phased emotion of the demand of the terminal.We can predict that the resistances still exist in the going up of the afternoon market.The impact strength and the terminal pruchasing condition of Yangzhou Kingboard device products’ entering the market still are in uncertain direction,we need to be careful to follow-up the afternoon market.

By Allen