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2012.05.09   08:50

Polyurethane materials have been widely used in various areas recently,especially in the coating field of the wood,plastic,metal and concrete substrate.Successful applications in this area depend on the outstanding characteristics of the polyurethane material,such as excellent solvent resistance and weatherability,mechanical properties,quick-drying, and remarkable adhesion in a variety of substrates,polyurethane is regarded as high-performance coatings because of various kind of the excellent performance.

Coating market’s trend is turning the solvent technology to waterborne technology,which not only in order to meet requirements for VOC emissions,but also aim to provide more safe and more environmental friendly products. In the formulations of the two-component waterborne polyurethane,each material will affect the workability or film properties of coating.Therefore, formulators have to pass the necessary experiments to determine the appropriate isocyanate,polyol,and cosolvent to meet all performance requirements,such as gloss,quick drying time,chemical resistance. The following describes the application of the waterborne two-component polyurethane coatings in several aspectss:

Wood coatings

In order to improve the production efficiency and save the cost,industrial wood coatings have high requirements for film’s fast-drying,as well as high abrasion resistance,stain resistance and film appearance.The adjustability of the shiny of film,excellent chemical properties and mechanical properties are all the important performance of the industrial wood coatings.To be more specific, viscous resistance is so important,as good anti-adhesive could help the wood fold up and packed quickly after completed the paint curing to improve production efficiency.

Plastic coatings

Great popular demands of water-borne have been appealed of the plastic coatings for automotive interiors,if we add a certain range of the isocyanate in one-component coatings,the chemical resistance of the coating can be greatly improved.In a one-component aluminum powder coating system,to join isocyanate curing agent can greatly improve the film alcohol resistance;joining isocyanate curing agent in waterborne soft-feel coatings can improve the scratch resistance and greatly enhancing the chemical resistance of the film at the same time.

Metal coatings

       Metal antiseptic coatings have a wide range of application,but to the research and development of the waterborne metal coatings, most companies’ products still remain in the laboratory stage,we still have a lot of work to do till the market penetration.

By Steven

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