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Dissect how to jump out the strange circles of high yield Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient with low price through the unqualified capsules

2012.05.07   10:34

The APIs and medicine material trade meeting was held in Hefei at the same time,just coincided with the harsh days of the unqualified capsules problem,the quality and safety of raw materials attached people’s great attention,many raw materials enterprises who attended the exhibition said they had felt the quality and safety pressure transmissing from the upstream conduction personally enterprises.

Quality get full focus

"The capsule problem" event ferments constantly,let the safety level of the quality of the raw materials become one of the concerned topics in this API exhibiton.Some experts point out, has been issued,the government will enhance the drug safety supervision continuously,the government departments will take severe measures against it.

Under the vigorously and effectively reorganization,the pharmaceutical enterprises not only strengthen the quality control of the whole production process, but also pay more attention to audit the upstreaming raw materials supplier,to ensure pharmaceutical quality safetyfrom the source.It’s a higher request for the quality standard to the upstreaming raw material.

Sunvo Complementary Medicine Company’s Chairman Yin Zhenglong believes,the "capsule" event uplift the attention about the quality standard of raw materials to a new height in the industry,raw materials directly related to drug safety and quality,it should be paid much more attention."In the long run,this incident is beneficial to promote the healthy development of the raw material industry,even if some gelatin suppliers have begun to take advantage of this opportunity to raise price,there is no big possibility to rise price for some other raw materials with high quality.

jump out the strange circles of high yield Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient with low price

The deputy general manager Gao Hongxing of the United Laboratories told a reporter that,the domestic API industry giants carry "the left king" attitude commonly,they still hope to beat opponents by improving the production technology to reduce production cost and improve capacity with low price under the excessive production condition.But at least at this moment,no one won this game,the "there's no the lowest price but the lower price" competitive model will sap the industrl’s vitality.

"API enterprises in China faced with a variety of price rising factors,especially the rising of the human cost,energy and the raw material prices.it was an inevitable fact that the costs of pharmaceutical products rose.On the other hand,the medicine purchase price and the government pricing revealed a trend of low level,squeezing the drug profits on both sides"; The deputy director of expert committee of the China's Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association,Shen Xianji said

India has transfered to high-end pharmacy,to make more profitable generic drugs with China's API and exporting to Europe and America,however China still continue wandering in this industry,trapped in the strange circles of high yield with low price deeply.

Domestic pharmaceutical industry must be committed to change the situation,the company’mission is heavy."ShenXianJi further pointed out.

Going to the sea faced to the strong wind with high waves

Our country is the biggest exporter of APIs,the export market has vital effect to the domestic drug industry.And the customs data showed that in 2011,the main tracking 75 chemical drug substances and drug products,droped 4.5% in quantity,increased the 2% amount of export growth compared with last year in the same period.The quantity increased 18% and export amounts increased 28% in contrast to 2010.

However this year’s external economic environment is unfavorable for Apis’ export obviously.Europe has already trapped in the debt crisis,and difficult to find a solution.The American debt ratio is too high that the government can take limited measures. Many insiders believe,Apis enterprises will encounter more problems when exporting to Europe and United States this year.

In the crisis of both the interior and exterior,which API products are more suitable for going global, which has the more sustainable advantages,it is obviously the biggest problem the drug manufacturer concerned about.

With more attention being paid to the environmental protection,APIs who use the environmental friendly technique are aslo promising.Shen Xianji points out that environmental protection has become the productivity and in the future the relevant departments may distinguish tax number for the environmental protection technology and the traditional high pollution technique, though it seems difficult to implement,it has begun this tendency.

By Alice

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