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A new generation of formaldehyde

2012.05.04   15:43

At present,in the international field of the textile printing, formaldehyde is widely used as a crosslinking agent in the textile industry.Most of the pigment printing binders on the market contain a large amount of formaldehyde,someone claim that the pigment printing binder without formaldehyde have unqualified fastness.With the global environmental protection requirements increasing continuously,the application of formaldehyde is limited more strictly.For example,the standard of normal infant informformaldehyde content requires under 16ppm in the OEKO-TEX,which greatly increases quality claim risk of the printing products and become the great hidden problem of the coating printing products especially baby products.

With the international growing emphasis on environmental issues,people developed a new non-formaldehyde pigment printing binder and thickener inland which do not need to add any crosslinking composition during the process,handle and fastness are superior to the products which used formaldehyde in the market.Adopting this series of paint printing coating textile can meet all current standards and regulations and meet high speed stability and high quality work of the printing equipment.It owns the super soft feel which can comparable to dye printing,high friction and washing fastness.

By Xiang Xiaoming

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