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Faitigued and weak demand raw materials price drop, titanium dioxide prices just like high diving

2012.04.25   17:33

After a magnificent upsurge of the titanium dioxide prices rising,it starts to high diving.Despite the current foreign titanium dioxide giants are still raising the price,the titanium dioxide’s five-month inflation of prises start to decline after the aw material prices decreasing and the depressed downstream demand.

PPIcn survey data indicate that domestic factory price of the rutile titanium dioxide at present have already fell to 16800~ 20000 yuan and compared with the former high price,now the price has decreased 21000 yuan per ton averagely.The range of the anatase titanium dioxide’s price drop became more obviously, in the end of March price is about 17,000 to 18,200 yuan in the end of March,which now has dropped to 16,000 to 16,500 yuan. Only half a month,the price had dropped thousand yuan.

Sum up the main reason,the downstream domestic building materials,coating and other industries’ keep fatigued and week for a long time.. Meanwhile,the domestic titanium concentrate prices decrease,such as now the grade46 titanium concentrate of Panzhihua area quotes mostly in 1700~ 1800 yuan/ton,even appears the low quotation of 1300 yuan/ton.

By Xiang Xiaoming

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