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Paint companies will be eliminated if they don’t improve themselves

2012.03.27   08:33

At present,with the influence of the national economic environment and its industrial structure adjustment,the coating industry is facing with competitive situation.The competitions between the coating companies become more and more intensive, various kinds of means are used continuously,such as price decreasing,the visibility of the brand enhancing,advertisements publishing and so on.The marketing war will promote the industry reshuffle,some strong enterprises will survive,and small and medium enterprises will be eliminated.Faced with this situation what should the enterprises do?

Pay attention to the quality,service and brand to win.

In the post-crisis era,the degree of competition in coatings industry become intensive continuously,the national real estate control policy also give the coating industry a big impact.There is three factors which is  dispensable for enterprises’ sustainable development:the excellent quality,the good brand and the perfect service.

Firstly,the quality of product is the prerequisite for companies’ further development. Without the quality’s confirmation,any developmet of the company is daydream.In the coatings industry, some companies gain the sale prices’ advantage through reducing the product quality,and this behavior not only damages the consumers’ interests,but also makes the vicious competition emerge in the coating industry.

Secondly,to build a good brand will help the enterprises survive longer.If a coating company wants to go national from the region,the good quality is not enough,the brand strategy planning is indispensible.Brand represents the corporation’s image and also is the direct window for consumer to know the company.So,brand building is essential to win the consumers’ trust.In addition,through the brand building we should at first focus on the brand's strategic planning,decide the direction of the brand’s development to build the brand recognization system which has unique value but followother’s brands blindly.Secondly,we must pay attention to define the consumer’s groups.large and all inclusive customers definition is not desirable.

Thirdly,we must attach importance to the establishment of service system.Service,which is as equivalent as the product’s quality and brand,also plays an important role in a coating company’s survival and development.Service,which shows the quality of product and promotes the enterprise’s image,is one of the most important marketing arts in coating industry.At last,the influence by offering excellent and perfect service can increase the sales quantity and promote the popularity of our brand can't be replaced by any advertisement and media publicity.

By Hunk

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