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Patent expiration,copy the tamsulosin and other raw materials can be well worth doing

2012.03.12   16:35

After the expiration of the chlorine cell topiramate Ray, losartan,donepezil,Lovenox in 2010,in 2011 there are six kind of heavyweight world popular patented drugs have expired successively.Through the research and production of the generic drugs,our enterprises have accumulated decades of rich experience. A large number of patent medicines have expired now,which can be regarded as a rare business opportunity for the domestic API manufacturers.

The expired patent medicine in 2010 and 2011 year can bring about what tremendous business opportunities to the raw material producers in our country?There are only 3 drugs deserve the generics drugs producers' attention:tamsulosin,donepezil and latanoprost,these drugs are urgently needed in China market and the drugs which have promising export prospects.


This drug is alpha -1 receptor blocker which mainly used for the treatment of the symptoms of frequent urination and urinary retention due to the benign prostatic hyperplasia.Last year,the global sales amount of the therapeutic agents which resistent to the benign prostatic hyperplasia reached to $6.8 billion to $7 billion,tamsulosin ranked first in various kinds of the therapeutic agents drug which resistent to the benign prostatic hyperplasia.Imitating to produce tamsulosin is expected to become the new profit growth point of the bulk API industry.


Donepezil is internationally recognized as one of the best clinical medicines to treat Alzheimer's disease,in the past two years the international market's total sales has been maintained between $3.5 billion to $3.7 billion one year.Because the donepezil are the bestselling drugs in North America and European markets,in the next few years,China's export of donepezil has bright prospects.In addition to the Japanese company,there is no other pharmaceutical company in Asia joined into thish competition,which is undoubtedly a positive factor for many domestic API producers and exporters.


Latanoprost is a bestselling eye drop in Western countries for many years to treat glaucoma.Prior to the listing of latanoprost,the medical community only have few glaucoma therapeutic agents,such as pilocarpine,terazosin hydrochloride,etc.After Listing for just two years,the latanoprost total global sales volume arrived 1 billion U.S. dollars rapidly,which indicated that the great demand of the international medicine market for the glaucoma treatment agents.

By Vivian

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