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Ningbo coating industry's total output value's amount increased by over 10% in 2011

2012.03.08   08:43

2011 was the first year of the "12th Five-Year Plan",the coating industry was not only facing the pressure of energy conservation,emission reduction and transformation and upgrading, pressed by dramatically increasing raw material costs and other costs either,but also faced the market competition stress,through many coating companies' common efforts in Ningbo,the main indicators in 2011 completed well,including:

Industrial output value:completed 2,472,090,600 yuan,up 13.34 percent year to year;

Industrial sales output value: finished 2.539455 billion yuan, increased of 9.47% year to year;

Export delivery value:finished 178.15 million yuan,increased 45.84%;

Total pre-tax profit:finished 274.053 million yuan,increased 12.05%;

Total profits:completed 142.697 million yuan,increased 1.82% year to year;

The growth of industrial output value and sales value keep the same grade with the national and provincial average level,the rate of exports increase mainly pulled by the titanium dioxide export,the competition of total pre-tax profits keep the basical same with the industrial output.But the total profits condition was badly,mainly caused by the increasing cost of the raw materials which made the factory have difficulty in rising the price,it may be said we entered into the meager profit era actually.

It is more difficult to develop in 2012.Only through scientific management and technological innovation and take eyes on personnel and team-building, we can change this situation.Withal, more and more enterprises begin to realize and pay attention to the problem.

By Betty

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