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The second outlook of the 2012 Global chemical industry

2012.03.06   15:44

The data of IMF shows that the economy of Brazil had achieved 3.8% growth in 2011.in 2012,the economy growth will slow down about 3.6%.Although the current major export markets, the EU and the U.S. economy are undergoing a "cold" test, endowed with abundant natural resources and rapidly growing middle class,the growing Brazilian chemical industrial demands which rely on homeland will continue to grow.

Product demand growth outperformed GDP

UK Economic and Business Research Center's latest statistics show that Brazil has overtaken Britain to become the sixth largest economy in the world.Brazilian Chemical Industry Association estimated at the end of last year that the Brazilian chemical industry sales increased about 23.4 percent,reaching $159 billion in 2011.The Brazilian National Chemical Corporation (Braskem) predicted that the 2012 Brazilian petrochemical demand growth will exceed GDP growth.International Polymer Consultation Organization chairman Bowman said,as the important driving strength of Brazilian economic growth,the chemical industry development has inseparable relations with Brazilian middle class groups' expansion,the large construction of the public building and auto manufacturing vigorous development.

But Brazil's currency-reais appreciation has seriously injure the competitiveness of the chemical industry,the trade deficit will reach a record of $25.9 billion,which was $20.7 billion in 2010.At present,the Brazilian government also focused on the problem of Brazil currency appreciation,and has already taken measures to reduce real further upward pressure,encouraging the local chemical industry to invest.

Local giants rely heavily on the domestic market

From Brazilian two major petrochemical giants' strategy in 2012,this year's investment program is focused primarily on the Brazilian mainland.The Brazilian National Petroleum CompanyPetrobras) controls the huge new oil wealth,and plans to invest $225 billion before the end of 2015 to cooperate with the international oil giants to explore oil and gas resources,expand the oil output from the current oil production 200 of barrels a day to 600 of barrels a day in 2020.

Pakistan oil announced in December 22,2011 that they will invest 8260000000 real in 2012,to promote its refining consortium project.The CEO of Brazilian national chemical company "CarlosFadigas" recently announced:this year the investment key point will be focus on the native Brazil,and they plan to invest $5 billion to expand Brazil local capacity device.

Foreign capital generously lock the "potential shares"

Economic development in Europe suffocated,in the condition of the competition between China and India got intensively,Latin America gradually became the new battleground for multinational giants.Brazil has rich natural resources,outstanding biological and chemical industrial advantages,so it becomes investment priority of the overseas companies.From the open project,the big investments of the multinational companies in Brazil's focus on the high-tech products which have a huge development potential in 2012.

In 2011 October,BASF announced that it would invest 5 million euros in Bahia of Brazil Camacari to build a world-class production factory to produce acrylic acid,butyl acrylate and ultra absorbent polymers.Dow Chemical's business in 2012 in the Latin American will increase rapidly.In July 2011,Dow Chemical and Japanese Mitsui products issued to form a new joint venture in Brazil,the joint venture's initial business scope including the production of sugar cane ethanol and biomass based polymer,as well as further broden the Dow Chemical raw material varity in the basis of the conventional fossil fuel,to provide new biomass raw material for the Dow Chemical.LANXESS announced the great investment measures in 2011 in the Brazil,the total investment amount is about 30000000 Euros.Included the new polyamide and polybutylene terephthalate engineering plastics production factory which would be build in Brazil St Paul Feliz,annual production capacity would reach 20000 tons,the plan puts into operation in mid 2013.

By Allen

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