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PVC resin market's developments still have a long way to go

2012.03.05   15:15

PVC is one of the earliest plastic varieties achieved industrial production,which is widely used in many factors such as industry, agriculture,construction,daily necessities,packaging,electricity and so on.Its excellent comprehensive performance with low prices drew wide attention of the industrial countries,keeping the longevity momentum of the development.What's more,as the largest organic consumption chloride products of the chlor-alkali industry,and sit the first chair of the chlorine consumption amon various organic chlorine products,PVC is an important pillar of the chlor-alkali industry.

In recent years,along with the sustained high development of our national economy,driven by PVC's strong consumption in construction industry,especially with the rapid developments of China's urbanization infrastructure,packaging materials,electrical and electronic products,the demands for PVC resin continuously increasing.In 2007,the PVC resin's apparent consumption reached 10.2676 million tons,self-sufficient rate of products increased to 94.6%.

After three quarters in 2008,due to the great changes of the global economic situation,our country's economic development are inevitably affected,especially the sustained depressed demands of the real estate cause the consumption of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sharply declined,which lead to the annual apparent consumption of PVC droped back to 9.2969 million tons,emerged the first negative growth in nearly 10 years.During January to August in 2009,the production and export decreased year-on-year, because of the increase of imports,the apparent consumption arrived 7.281 million tons,increased 16.3%.We can expected that in the next few years China PVC resin demands will increase at an average speed of 7.1%,which the total consumptions will reach 12.5 million tons. Among them,the hard products' annual average growth rate will reach 7%,the growth speed of the profile and tube is thefastest with an average annual growth rate about 10%.The Chinese PVC consumption will develop towards the direction.of the hard products.

Multiple factors influence the development in the future.

PVC industry belongs to the basic type and energy intensive industry,which was greatly influenced by the demand and energy price,and at the same time,it can be regarded as the national economy basic chemical raw materials,thus it has closely relations with the economic development.Affected by multiple factors such as the intensive fluctuation of prices of the international energy and raw materials,macroeconomic environment,production change, widely spread global financial crisis affect,national regulations and policies,export tax refund and processing trade policy adjustment, the risks caused by the trade environment change and export anti-dumping sanction,so the polyvinyl chloride future still is not optimistic.

Various measures are taken simultaneously to ensure the steady development.

Under the impact of the above factors,in order to maintain the steady and rapid development of the polyvinyl chloride resins market in China,we need to set about from the following several aspects:

1.Speed up the enterprise integration and reorganization,to enlarge the production scale,eliminated some small devices which have small scale of the production,high energy consumption and severe environment pollution.

2.Improve the products' quality and strengthen the export.

3.Respond to the tax rebate policy actively.For example,to improve the strengh of the domestic sales,adjust the price of the corresponding products,proceed the innovation adjustment to the product structure and provide the value-added services,guarantee the quality of products and so on.

4.Taken the raw material route as the key point of the development in future.In the new large PVC resin project we should consider to offer different quantities of the raw materials monomer as far as possible,even to construct monomer production device only.

5.Choose the appropriate production process.

6.Adjust the product structure,and energetically develop new dedicated products who have high added-value.

7.Promote the combination of the chlor-alkali industry and petrochemical industry,encourage our country's PVC resin production upsizing,develop internationalization management and sustain to develop steadily.

By andy

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