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America accused of Panzhihua Iron and steal the DuPont trade secrets

2012.03.01   10:13

No one could expect that the troubled restructuring into embarrassed before the climbing saddle because of a international lawsuits which is suspected of stealing trade secrets.

This origin was an amendatory indictment which announced by Department of Justice on February 8th.This indictment revealed PanGang Group and its three subsidiaries and 5 individuals suspected of stealing the trade secret of Titanium dioxide technology in DuPont Company which is the world's largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide.And it was charged by the federal jury in San Francisco.

According to insider,only from the perspective of burden of proof,at present,related to the technical confidentiality,DuPont could not come up with the certain data compared with the technique,it was difficult for them to put forward the essence of the charge to the company.And based on the company in technical aspects of early development of breakthrough,new projects of titanium dioxide would not be affected.

Another person said,there was another background for DuPont to make a fuss.It was said that in recent years,DuPont tried hard to enter into China all the time.Its project negotiation in Shandong Dong Ying had almost done.But because Chinese Government considered about supporting the similar projects of local enterprise,this project was facing childbirth dilemma.Therefore DuPont was aim to put more pressure on the Chinese project than technology charges.

By Andy

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