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Carotech tocopherol exploit the European and American market

2011.06.14   16:56

         Palm oil sources of natural vitamin E (Tocotrienol tocopherol) which the largest production enterprise is established in 1990, the Malaysia company, enterprise Carotech tocopherol composition called Tocomin market brand (R), in April 2010, won the FDA's no against GRAS identity qualification. Tocomin (R) can therefore in the food and beverage products be widely used .

        Carotech company invested a huge sum of money on the people with clinical research, tocopherol has confirmed the lower cholesterol and low density cholesterol action to improve after vaccination immune response, helps to reduce alcohol liver and of fatty liver disease, and promote the role of hair growth. The ongoing a large clinical mainly used for research on the nervous and cardiovascular tocopherol the protection of the data.

        Tocopherol for western diet structure is low In the intake chances of  the European and American market will also be the key of  Carotech company .


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