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LANXESS sales in Gearter China Area 2011 creat a new height

2012.04.11   12:11

LANXESS from the German issued an information on March 23 that 2011,the sales of LANXESS in Greater Chin Area hit a historic record which achieved to 992 million euros,jumped 24% compared to the same period.Apart from the influencing factors of exchange rate and the adjustment of product lines,sales increased about 18%.The Greater China Area’ sales occuied 11% of the group's total sales.

The CEO of LANXESS’s Greater China Area Mr. Ke Maoting who held a press conference in Shanghai said,"LANXESS’s Greater China Area achieved a strong business growth again in 2011.With the help of three rubber businesses departments and semi crystalline products department which produces high-tech plastic, we greatly promoted the sales of the high performance polymer plate.

Be benifited from the trendency of the green motorization,the solution polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR) and neodymium fastens butadiene rubber (Nd-PBR) products received good acceptance continuously.To use the high-tech plastic products to replace the original metal parts can effectively reduce the weight of the automobile body,improve the fuel efficiency and carbon emissions, which might help the green motorization to come ture. In addition,the demand for LANXESS’s Keltan three diene rubber (EPDM) also showed a rapid growth,this kind of products mainly used in the production of the automotive door seal and the wiper,which became one of the reason of the record.

"At the same time,all business units of LANXESS enhanced the products prices,which effectively transfered the impact of raw materials’ rising prices." Said Mr.Ke

Since the establishment of the LANXESS Group,China keeps a very important position in the group's growth strategy.LANXESS's latest investment measures in China include: to build a new leather chemical factory in Changzhou,Jiangsu Province,to extend the capacityof a high-tech plastics factory which is located in the Wuxi, jointly funded with TSRC corporation (TSRC) to establish the LANXESS–TSRC (Nantong) Chemicals Co., Ltd.to produce nitrile rubber,this factory will put into production in 2012,and its initial annual capacity is about 30,000 tons of the nitrile rubber to mainly meet the market demand in China.

By Betty

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