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China's total import and export of dyes and pigments showed a downward trend In 2011

2012.04.06   09:15

The reporter informed from the seventh Second Council of the China Dyestuff Industry Association which was held in early March in jiujiang,Jiangxi that China's total import and export amounts of the dyes and pigments showed a downward trend.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the China Dyestuff Industry Association Kang Baoxiang introduced at the conference,in 2011 China's the dyestuff and organic pigment exports both declined. Dye export 243000 tons,decreased 10.7% compared to the previous year;earned the foreign exchange about 1180000000 dollar,growed 0.4% compared to the previous year.Organic pigments export 150000 tons,declined about 2.7%;which earned the foreign exchange about 1180000000 dollar,increased about 15.8%.

Customs statistics showed that in 2011,the countries and regions China's dyestuff export to totaled about 112,the dye export amounts of the top-ten countries and regions is about 173000 tons,accounting for 70.8% of total exports,which earned the foreign exchange about 760000000 U.S dollars,occuied 64.4% of the total foreign exchange.Through the current country distribution situation,same as the last year,the Asia still is our country's main dye export countries and regions,especially the South Korea.In 2011,the number of the countries and regions China's organic pigments export to totaled about,increased 4 countries contrast to the last year.The top ten countries' organic pigment exports amount is 9.2 tons,accounting for 61.7 percent of total exports,the top ten countries export volume is $ 770 million,occupied 65.3% of the total amount of foreign exchange.

Dyes and Pigments import demand in China reduced.In 2011 the domestic dyestuff enterprises proceeded the technical innovation,adjusted the product structure, the high-end varieties increased continuously.With the improvement of the dye industry status in the international dye market,dyes imports maintained a declining trend year by year.The decreasing magnitude of the dye import became large in 2011.Imported dye about 4.2 million tons, decreased about 16.5% compared to last year,among them,it decreasd about 26.2% in June,the imports volume is $ 390 million,10.4% lower than the last year.Organic pigments imported 1.9 million tons,decreased by 17.3% compared to the previous year,which earned imports amounts about $ 240 million,increased about 2.1%.

By Xiang Xiaoming

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