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Why the development road of the waterborne coatings market is always difficult

2012.04.05   09:02

In China,the waterborne coating has 10 years of history. However its development,sales and technology did not have big breakthrough.Water-based coating market’s prospect is bright,but the road is tortuous.

Some analysts have pointed out: With the increasing awareness on the health and environment.Natural water-based paint become the main stream,waterborne coatings will usher in a leap-forward development. However,the development of waterborne coatings restrict by five aspects:

First of all,our country oily coating is relatively mature,the operation is quite good,the furniture factories have high production efficiency so that they are not willing to replace water-based paint whose operating conditions are relatively harsh,has high cost,and most of the physical properties can not match the oil paint.

Secondly,some people think whether it is furniture or home cabinets and other wood products,after a good brush coating,they think it would keep intact at least for 10 years,8 years with the traditional view,high gloss requirement,which directly lead to the distortion of the development situation of water paint.

Thirdly,our country have not published policy to prohibite the use of oily coating and according to the actual situation there is no possibility to come out this policy currently.

Fourthly,many people believe that pollutions emerge in the furniture factory,which will not affect the customers' daily life.

Fifthly,the water-based coating price is several times higher than the solvent type coating.

<2010-2013 China water coating ink Market Research Report:> shows to study the development of a new industry,we should analysis from the entire industry chain.If we just stare at a shortcome of the water paint,what comes to us only can be complainment and stay on the same place.We must analyze where is the driving force of the new industry preliminary development, where is the rapid development of the power and what requirements do the conditions need.Currently,the water-based coatings have achieved initial development in various fields which indicate that the market or the user has such demands,this also represent the direction of the future development.It must be noted that to make an industry chain with a large scale to develop in this direction,the whole industry chain must profit from it,it is impossible to lack of any link,at this point,water coating has not reached it.To solve this problem, this industry had all the conditions of development. If there are 10~20% coating manufacturers own the water-based paint R&D technology,our countries should try to publish the policy to promote the rapid development of the market.Until that time,perhaps the spring of water-borne coatings development is really coming!

By Hunk

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