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Titanium dioxide market gradually appeared depressed trend

2012.03.31   13:07

Recently wait-and-see atmosphere in the titanium dioxide market has become stronger,the enterprises were effected by several factors such as the raw materials’ high prices,so the business kept waiting and seeing cautiously,which lead to the turnover appearance so so.With the new introduced price,the market trading volume has reduced a bit compared to the last period,some companies showed that there was scarce order form in the first half month,merchants’ negative emotions became further aggravated because of the downstream depressed demand.

Approach to the middle of the month,part of Guangxi anatase titanium dioxide’s price discussion slightly loose,some small-sized corporations receive the influences of the slump demand,take the goods not free,increasing stock pressure and other factors,in turnover aspect also appeared high bargin price with low actual price phenomenon.

Most of titanium dioxide enterprises use the imported ore as the raw materials,however,whether the domestic or the imported one,their supply are quite intense,the domestic ore source discussion encumbered by titanium dioxide’s depressed demand recently,the discussion slightly loose,the main mine transaction price refers to 2400 yuan/tons,the imported ore source price refers to 3300 yuan/ton,most titanium dioxide enterprises expressed that the procurements of the raw materials have a certain degree of difficulty,but the port has some certain volume, which help to ease up the ore source procurement.

The market bad news increased in the middle month,the providers said that their pressure to take the goods increased,with the depressed downstream demand,the market is still in a seasonally demand off-season, the downstream coating paint and ink remained low production,the terminal took the food in difficulty,which directly drag the downstream manufacturers’s original purchase situation,all the production chain was defeated by the low demand.Zhuochuang predicted that the titanium dioxide market hardly can change the stalemate in short-term,but as the market demand was the motive power,without demand to support the market,the price would fall in the sooner or later.It is suggested that the businessmen should pay close attention to the whole market demand and most of the factories’ inventories conditions.

By Hunk

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