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North America delayed the price rising of the titanium dioxide, Chinese titanium dioxide was favored

2012.03.30   16:33

North American titanium dioxide buyers said this week they plan to boycott the titanium dioxide prices rising,or at least delay the price rising action.At present,331 dollars/ton price rising plan will be put into implementation in April 1st.Buyers recognize the heavy cost pressure of the manufacturers with the titanium dioxide using titanium concentrate to produce,but now the titanium dioxide has sufficient supply,so to defer the inflations of prices are still reasonable.

Since the existence of the 90-day contract proctection period, the contract users’ should have been performed the price rising action in January 1st would begin to execute in April 1st.Many customers said they reduced the usual order quantity,and were in the search for cheap titanium dioxide by the sulfuric acid method. Coating manufacturers and plastic polymer enterprise customers believed the demand has not improved,but also not weaken.

Paint manufacturer Valspar (Valspar) said at this week that they forecast the raw material costs this year would rise about 5-10%,and adjust its products to make them suitable for China's sulfuric acid producted cheap titanium dioxide.Another paint manufacturer stated that for the primary products of the titanium dioxide,Chinese sulfuric acid method titanium dioxide was much better than expected.

A plastic polymer manufacturer said,although the sulfuric acid basic titanium products can be applied in some products.currently on the market,the chloride still has sufficient supplies.

While the Australian mining company BHP Billiton (BHP) sold its 37% non-operating shares in Africa held by Richard mining company (RBM).The buyer is Rio Tinto Group (Riotinto),and they will bring the titanium industry out.Richard Bay mining company (RBM) is not only the South African iron ore mining and smelting company,but also produces the titanium dioxide.BHP (BHP) said it wanted to quit Richard Bay mining company (RBM) business, because it did not hold the right of mining operations.

This week titanium dioxide prices in North America remain at 4188-4496 dollars/tons of FD North America.

By Andy

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