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Development goals of China's coating industry in next five years

2012.04.12   09:00

Coating service is a wide range of industry,with various fields related to the key technologies and raw materials,meeting the premise of following the national industrial development policy, insisting on the requirements of sustainable development and low-carbon economy,to combine to paint industry's 'Eleventh Five-Year' Technology Innovation Platform and the preliminary results of the industry survey from 2009,then the government presented "12's" coating industry development proposals.

1.Production forecast

The domestic economy will continue to remain a higher speed of the development of the coatings industry during the 12's,and due to the impact of downstream industries and civilian demand,it is expected that the growth rate will increase and maintain an average rate of 10 percent per year,yield will increase from 7.55 million tons in 2009 to 12 million tons in 2015.

2.The focus and direction of the structural adjustment

Encourage the enterprise who have meet the standards of environment-friendly paint production (such as waterborne wood, industrial and marine coatings,high solids and solvent-free,radiation curing,functional exterior insulation coating and other environmentally friendly,resource-saving paint production); encourage the single-line production capacity of 3tons/year or above,and use the Ti-rich material which the Tio2 content is more than 90% as raw material (synthetic rutile,rutile,high titanium slag) for the Chlorination titanium dioxide production.

Limit the new sulphuric acid basic titanium,lead chrome yellow,iron oxide pigments which less than 10,000 tons/year, solvent-based paints (excluding encouraged coatings varieties and production technology),containing isocyanuric acid,glycidyl (TGIC)powder coating production plant.

By Betty

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