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Material Chemistry

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Biological Pharmacy

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Dissect how to jump out the strange circles of high yield Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient with low price through the unqualified capsules

The APIs and medicine material trade meeting was held in Hefei at the same time,just coincided with the harsh days of the unqualified capsules problem,the quality and safety of raw materials atta......



A new generation of formaldehyde

At present,in the international field of the textile printing, formaldehyde is widely used as a crosslinking agent in the textile industry.Most of the pigment printing binders on the market conta......



Faitigued and weak demand raw materials price drop, titanium dioxide prices just like high diving

After a magnificent upsurge of the titanium dioxide prices rising,it starts to high diving.Despite the current foreign titanium dioxide giants are still raising the price,the titanium dioxide’s ......



2012 new standards of the International Oeko

The International Oeko-Tex Association announced the latest OEKO -TEX® Standard of the 100 Textiles harmful substances test standard and limited requirements in the annual meeting as usual, which......



Development goals of China's coating industry in next five years

Coating service is a wide range of industry,with various fields related to the key technologies and raw materials,meeting the premise of following the national industrial development policy, insi......



LANXESS sales in Gearter China Area 2011 creat a new height

LANXESS from the German issued an information on March 23 that 2011,the sales of LANXESS in Greater Chin Area hit a historic record which achieved to 992 million euros,jumped 24% compared to the ......



China's total import and export of dyes and pigments showed a downward trend In 2011

The reporter informed from the seventh Second Council of the China Dyestuff Industry Association which was held in early March in jiujiang,Jiangxi that China's total import and export amounts of ......



Why the development road of the waterborne coatings market is always difficult

In China,the waterborne coating has 10 years of history. However its development,sales and technology did not have big breakthrough.Water-based coating market’s prospect is bright,but the road i......



Titanium dioxide market gradually appeared depressed trend

Recently wait-and-see atmosphere in the titanium dioxide market has become stronger,the enterprises were effected by several factors such as the raw materials’ high prices,so the business kept w......



North America delayed the price rising of the titanium dioxide, Chinese titanium dioxide was favored

North American titanium dioxide buyers said this week they plan to boycott the titanium dioxide prices rising,or at least delay the price rising action.At present,331 dollars/ton price rising pla......



In late February analysis and prospect of the glycol market: rising outside keeping stable inside, and we can expect the afternoon market

In late February,the domestic glycol market appears the adjustment trend,the purchasing enthusiasm of the downstream enterprises is well enough,part of the transaction prices emerge the rising tr......



Paint companies will be eliminated if they don’t improve themselves

At present,with the influence of the national economic environment and its industrial structure adjustment,the coating industry is facing with competitive situation.The competitions between the c......



The 2011 North American Top 20 Rankings

CompanyNorth American Ink Sales (in millions) 1. Sun Chemical – $1,500* 2. Flint Group – $1,000* 3. INX International – $325 4. Siegwerk – $260 5. CR/T – $235*4 6. Hostmann-Steinberg – $15......



Analyse the condition of the inflation of the titanium dioxide’s prices in 2012

Since the last November the titanium dioxide created its lowest price record,the titanium dioxide market ushered in an inflection point,the quoted price went up step by step.From the late Novembe......



2012 China Coating, Paint Industry Work Annual Meeting was held in Hangzhou

"2012 China Coating Paint Industry Work Anuual Meeting" which is sponsored by China Coating Industry Association,held ceremoniously on March 20 in Xiaoshan Golden Horse Hotel. Chairman SunLianYi......