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Titanium dioxide in Asia market will maintain strong this year

Recently,the insider expressed,by the double impact of the strong price of the raw material and tighten of the market supply, the titanium dioxide in Asia market will maintain strong in 2012. The......



The Spring Festival most property market in winter has spread to the plastics market difficult to pick up

Cho Chong Information:during the Dragon Spring Festival,Beijing,Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have been several sets of the worst property market turnover,and it gives the property market ......



The price of titanium dioxide increased strongly, domestic price may upward continue in short

      After Spring Festival,Domestic titanium concentrates manufacturers came into operation one after another.Quoted market price is fairly constant.Now,titanium concentrates with 46.5% of Panzh......



In 2011, the coating market sales hit a record high

The Asia-Pacific region becomes 2011 market growth source      Throughout the year of 2011 global coating market, global industry analysts said, North America accounted for 20% of global paint sa......



The demand of titanium dioxide industry in 2012 will tend stable

In 2011, the titanium dioxide industry maintained a rapid development momentum, each production company hypes, present a produce and sale two flourishing prosperity. At the beginning of the uplin......



the application and development of Airflow smashing in titanium dioxide production

After nearly fifty years of development ,the titanium dioxide industry in China, especially the development of recent five years, the total production capacity and total output has become second......



The technology status and development trend of gravure ink

One, Market Overview of the intaglio printing ink      Gravure ink application domain mainly has three aspects. One is the packaging and printing field; two is the industrial products ( building ......



Performance and Development trend of Low temperature solidification powder coating

In recent years, low temperature solidification powder coating begins to throw on the market, according to preliminary estimates, 120 C solidification powder coating can save enery 40% or so than......



Vitamin price drops, raw material medicine industry is in the storm of integration

In early November of the sixty-seventh session of Nanjing raw material medicine exhibition, The lively scene gone for ever, Lonely scene is as if to imply:the winter of raw material medicine ent......



Antibiotics in winter:antibiotic raw material industry when the spring comes

In the fourth quarter, conventional antibiotic raw material industry should have a sales season. However, this year it appears paradoxical phenomenon: antibiotic market is still in the doldrums, ......



The price of Titanium dioxide at home and abroad is ceaselessly pulled big , foreign trade enterprises reap a bumper harvest

Recently, titanium dioxide has become the  fine chemical market sweet pastry once again, some leading enterprises  adjust the titanium dioxide prices, the voice of rising prices sounds again. Int......



Aqueous coating for interior wall will become the gold industry in the paint market segments

The people of ceramic tile, marble, walls and other rigid decorative material malpractice understanding is insufficient, especially environmental protection. Ceramic tile production consume a lar......



China's export situation analysis of dyestuff and pigment production in 2011

On September 6th - 7 day  it held the dyestuff industry association seventh members of the general assembly  that was informed that the first half of this year, dyestuff and pigment industry econ......



China's pharmaceutical market become foreign competition place

China's pharmaceutical market become foreign competition place,and also to promote the state-owned, private and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises merger and acquisition tide. The world famous m......



China's fine chemical industry development opportunities

In recent years, the fine chemical industry of our country development is relatively rapid, 2005-2009 years, China's fine chemical industry production and marketing rate steady at more than 95%, ......