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The third quarter of 2011, market trend analysis of titanium dioxide

        The third quarter of 2011, titanium dioxide prices beyond everyone's expectations, sulfuric acid rutile and anatase titanium dioxide to reduce the overall price, respectively, from the st......



The United States" quality storm" has threaten the Indian pharmaceutical products

India as the largest U.S. pharmaceutical supply countries with low capital, also began to experience the United States" quality storm". In February, FDA a team of investigators raided the India w......



The food is also a dye

In the near future, our mouth wiping lipstick, may be made with purple sweet potato, the jeans we wearing, may be the use of Radix Isatidis dyeing, the colors of clothes may be extracted from pla......



New heat

    Under the sunlight insolation, outdoor objects will continue to accumulate energy, leading to its surface and the internal temperature rises up quickly, such as air conditioning device in con......



Ink knowledge: introduction of several digital printing inks

1.powder of digital printing ink powder of digital printing ink is formed by the pigment particles help to charge agents and charged particles can be formed by melting of the resin mixture of dry......



China's API exports will significantly increase this year

China Chamber of Commerce Director Xu Ming told reporters yesterday, this year the export of pharmaceutical raw materials will be a record high, annual is expected to achieve 25000000000 yuan of ......



The first half of the year exports year

In the first half, dye pigment industry economic performance is not  very  satisfactory, dye pigments   negative growth of exports in recent years  is  rare.。 Production growth appear differenti......



In August the domestic chemical market continued to slump

        Towards the end of August, the overall chemical market downturn has not changed. According to the business community to monitor the 68 chemicals which are still down more than up . Among ......



Dye industry aimed at three critical direction

         National oil and chemical industry.: On September 6th, China Dyestuff Industry Association the seventh members of Congress  held in beijing. Sinopec Federation President Li Yongwu point......



Titanium dioxide prices rise again in north American

Due to the cost of raw materials rose in a straight line, equipment operation rate is high and the market supply, following the second quarter titanium dioxide price increase of 10%, or 15 cents ......



API market:: from the security, the stabbing outside to being a foreigner

  It is reported that Indians have a number of DMF three times our number, which means that its API exports far more than China, a fact worthy of attention. China is the world's factory, rather......



“the Twelfth Five

         “Dye industry “the Twelfth Five-Year”development program compendium" put forward," Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, we should accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, and a p......



China’s exports of raw materials in the first quarter of 2011

The first quarter of this year, the world economy continues to recover, the global pharmaceutical trade warms up, the domestic pharmaceutical market developes fast, in the high-end pharmaceutica......



The export of plant extracts is expected to further increase in this year

In the eleventh session of the world pharmaceutical raw materials of Chinese exhibition ( CPHI ), plant extracts exhibiting enterprises reached more than 180, more than last year's scale. Accordi......



"12th Five

Recently, China Dyestuff Industry Association issued a"12th Five-Year "development program compendium", it put forward in the "12th Five-Year Plan" preliminary build dye industrial power, industr......