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The titanium dioxide prices will rise slowly in the first quarter of the 2012

On December 15th,DuPont announced the increase of the prices of the titanium dioxide which was sold in Western,Central Europe and North Africa,the amount of the increase was 200 euros/ton (about ......



The (adjacent) chlorine toluene market quotation analysis

          In 2011,the domestic CPI index stays high,the real estate market seems unable to get up after a fall,the economic situation keeps an unprecedented downturn,under this recession backgrou......



Analyse the Coating enterprises' external environment and strategy for breaking out in 2012

In 2012,the domestic real estate adjustment policy keeps proceeding,high cost with unstopped upward momentum,elusive normalized monetary trend...Faced with this unfavorable external economic envi......



Titanium dioxide prises rose slowly with the raw materials prices' effect

Since DuPont announced the increase of the prices of the titanium dioxide which was sold in Western,Central Europe and North Africa,the amount of the increase was 200 euros/ton (about 260 U.S. do......



EU raised the threshold of the drug imports, some pharmaceutical companies in Hubei have been hit

Recently,EDQM issued instructions to improve the threshold of the medicines import,designed to prevent counterfeits from entering the formal distribution channels from July 1,2013.The directive r......



Patent expiration,copy the tamsulosin and other raw materials can be well worth doing

After the expiration of the chlorine cell topiramate Ray, losartan,donepezil,Lovenox in 2010,in 2011 there are six kind of heavyweight world popular patented drugs have expired successively.Throu......



Ningbo coating industry's total output value's amount increased by over 10% in 2011

2011 was the first year of the "12th Five-Year Plan",the coating industry was not only facing the pressure of energy conservation,emission reduction and transformation and upgrading, pressed by d......



The second outlook of the 2012 Global chemical industry

The data of IMF shows that the economy of Brazil had achieved 3.8% growth in 2011.in 2012,the economy growth will slow down about 3.6%.Although the current major export markets, the EU and the U.......



PVC resin market's developments still have a long way to go

PVC is one of the earliest plastic varieties achieved industrial production,which is widely used in many factors such as industry, agriculture,construction,daily necessities,packaging,electricity......



America accused of Panzhihua Iron and steal the DuPont trade secrets

No one could expect that the troubled restructuring into embarrassed before the climbing saddle because of a international lawsuits which is suspected of stealing trade secrets. This origin was a......



Titanium dioxide market condition analysis

Since February,due to the high opertaion of the international crude oil prices,the increasing titanium concentrate prices and organic chemical products,the titanium dioxide rutile products rose f......



What is UV coating?

UV is Ultra-Violet Ray.Industrial UV wavelength for its application is 200nm to 450nm.Some kind of material makes it hardened using UV irradiation process.We call it of UV Curing Process.This tec......



dye industry look forward to the national New Deal due to the Product demand decline

The global financial crisis imperiled foreign trade of domestic textile,resulting in the collapse of some domestic textile enterprise, and the situation made the domestic dyestuff industry into t......



The sub

Our country's clean production process of thetitanium dioxide have achieved a major breakthrough.Yesterday,from Shandong Dongjia Group Co.,Ltd the reporter realized that the new developed sub-mol......



The Asian chemical industry will remain powerful growth in 2012

Although the global economy faces a challenge,the Asian chemical industry will remain keep powerful growth.Last week,Paul Nick,who is KPMG global chemical business controller said:"Even though we......