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Material Chemistry

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Discuss common industry standards Efforts to create green environmental protection coating

On December 20, 2016, sponsored by the national coatings and pigment standardization technical committee "green product evaluation coating product" national standard draft expert seminar held......



Paint market scale will reach $26.598 billion by 2022

Joint according to the market research firm (AlliedMarket) released the latest report, the global paint market in 2022 will reach $26.598 billion, 2015-2022, the compound annual growth rate of 4.1%. In......



World's largest maker of titanium white pigment for measures announced price increases in 2017

Branch company (Chemours) announced that since February 1, 2017, in Latin America, the Middle East, eastern Europe and sub-saharan Africa, sales of titanium white product price $150 / ton, in the same ......



The dyeing process for fluorescent dyes with yarn on corn

Bobbin dyeing machine invented has 130 years of history, until 1990s, to get a large number of application Chinese yarn dyeing. Pure cotton yarn and cellulose fiber has been widely used in dyeing, reac......



The growth rate for Global coatings emulsion polymer is about 5.4%

Current global paints and coatings emulsion polymer consumption will reach 5 million tons in 2020, compound annual growth rate of about 5.4%, and become the most important market for various types of e......



Teach you to clearly understand the difference between paint and paint to take you out of the misunderstanding

Introduction of coatingsIn simple terms, the paint is used for the object surface can form a decorative or protective or insulation, anti-corrosion and other special features of the solid film, it is d......



Anti-corrosion coatings will reach 6 million tons in the year of 2017

Anti corrosion coating is coated on the surface of the object that under certain conditions can protect, decoration or other special features of film formation (insulation, anti rust, mildew resistant,......



Classify of ink

Ink by connecting material (resin), pigments, fillers, additives and solvents, etc. What are the classification of the ink?1.Letterpress printing ink. To print books, newspapers, brochures, documents, ......



The most important three factors in color

Screen printing in the process of any one color all by hue, lightness and saturation said three features, so the above three factors must be considered in the process of color matching. Although theore......



Describe the difference between enamel and harmonic lacquer

Enamel and enamel, enamel in English. With varnish base makings, add dye abrade, make magnetism smooth color is shown after coating is dry and hard coating, commonly used with phenolic enamel and alkyd......



Rotogravure how to make ink viscosity to achieve ideal

In the plastic gravure printing, how to control the printing ink viscosity is a critical problem.Printing ink viscosity and viscosity is very different, but they still have a contact. Mainly in viscosi......



Production of fluorescent ink technical methods and standards

Fluorescent ink pigment content is higher in the printing process often occur heap ink, emulsion is excessive and need two to three times reluctantly hue and meet the requirements Fluorspar degree prob......



Dyes and pigments are in the low steady development

In the first half of the dye pigment industry overall maintained steady economic operation. Based on the analysis of the factors, the main economic indicators in the second half of the industry is expe......



Water sand bag multi-color wide application

Water sand bag colorful coating it is a high-tech research and development, and modified resin and stability rather than good paint dye coating made of. Water sand bag it the appearance of the colorful......



Thermochromic pigment Colorful wide scope of application

Thermal discoloration pigment color principle and the structure, thermal discoloration pigment is by electronic transfer system of the preparation of organic compounds. Electron transfer type of organi......