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Mixed pigment markets around the world Government regulation leads the development direction

The global paint market analysis found that in 2015, the global paint market in revenue of $25.15 billion. Predicts that by 2020, the market's revenue will reach $31.02 billion. Among them, constru......



Study on the preparation of a new type of water based polyaniline composite anticorrosive coatings

The serious corrosion of metals, to the national economy has brought huge losses, the current protection of metal equipment is mainly to the main anti-corrosion coatings. Due to the defects of the coat......



How to play "Internet plus" for the traditional paint industry

We say that a few years ago, the paint industry was going to enter the Internet marketing and mobile marketing, then there will be many companies and dealers say "one thousand reason made them sa......



Children's home textile market gap is big ,there is good business opportunities and challenges

With the development of economy, improvement of people's living standard, especially as the only child of the 80 children are growing up, the healthy growth of children is set to every moment the h......



Pearl pigment application and matters needing attention in various fields

1, the application in coatingsPearl powder in the vast majority of coating system, including oil, water, powder, UV curing, etc. Pearl powder used in the coating method is very simple, in order to make......



The central government increase subsidies to support the reform of cotton target pilot

Xi Jinping, general Chairman stressed that deepening the reform of the rural areas, we must improve the protection of agricultural support system. Promote rural reform, to improve the agricultural prod......



2024 aluminium pigment market is expected to reach $581.9 million

Global aluminum pigment market value of $332.9 million in 2015, in 2024 is expected to reach $581.9 million, 2016 ~ 2024, expand compound annual growth rate of 6.4%.Aluminium pigment is a kind of can p......



Promote titanium pigment production rebounded Under the influence of the multiple positive market or remained stable

As the world's recognized performance is one of the best white pigment, after 2015 years of dismal, titanium dioxide, 2016 become the biggest concern coating raw materials. In the first half of the......



Coating deposition and caking phenomenon causes and measures

01 / coating precipitation agglomerate Coating in the process of storage, the phenomenon of sinking to the bottom of the container, the solid component is called precipitation, also known as the sin......



China's textile and garment export reduction will become to norm

Due to the poor condition of the economy, and China's domestic economy downward pressure is not reduced, labor costs remain high, our country foreign trade situation is poor as a whole, the same as......



The price of titanium dioxide is increased nine times this year

This year, the cumulative increase of the price for titanium Dioxide is more than 30% .On 2nd August , Sichuan Lomon titanium dioxide industry leader once again raised the price of domestic direct cust......



Global titanium pigment production cut domestic reform of the "supply side" with "closure"

Review 2015 titanium pigment market, is a "miserable", 2015, sulfuric acid method, rutile type titanium white below 9000 yuan/ton, "jump" to return to "liberation" low pri......



Titanium pigment market scale will reach $17 billion in 2020

According to Zion Research analysis, market Research report published in 2014 global titanium pigment market value of $13.5 billion, in 2020 is expected to reach $17 billion, 2015 ~ 2020, the compound ......



Tangshan pollution disable containing VOC which will help for powder coating

On May 26, Tangshan City issued "on the strengthening measures to ensure the air quality of the emergency notice", pointed out that according to the city's heavy pollution weather with th......



The new standards for the content of formaldehyde and aromatic amines in textiles were performed since July in Vietnam

Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau today released the news said, on 30th of June, 2015 37/2015/TT-BCT issued by the Ministry of Commerce and industry of Vietnam in November of the year 2015.The an......