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Five major trends in paint industry is likely to emerge in the year of 2016

Heavily competition in 2015 has successfully, paint companies end up a year of gain and loss, at the same time, also began to seriously examine the year of 2016, paint industry will face what kind of t......



Water based coating can save coating industrial?

Throughout the year of 2015 called "oil to water," it is difficult to say the green environmental protection? Actually it is confused for many people the matter of "oil to water". o......



The paper reviewed effects of coating ratio and its solutions

1, control of powder particle size distribution, the narrower the better: reasonable control of powder particle size (difficult), in our actual production only adjust the ACM, deputy grinding speed. Im......



How to reduce the number of unsold coatings in 2016

For the coating industry in China in 2015, under the situation of year-round industry market is negative, the coating of consumption tax is to let coating enterprise. A large number of inventory and po......



Nickel will be the best performing metal in 2016

"Market abuse me a thousand times, I wait for the market such as first love." In the long dead eyes, is the beauty of industrial metal nickel.Nickel prices were thought to have risen sharply ......



The similarities and differences between organic pigments and dyes, inorganic pigments briefly

As is known to all, colorants basic divided into organic pigments and dyes, inorganic pigments, organic pigments has been developing rapidly recently. With the other two kinds of colorants what are the......



Powder coating aluminum silver powder is introduced

Aluminium powder for silver metallic luster, so commonly known as aluminum silver or silver powder, its chemical composition is "aluminum", not "silver". Scope of application: coati......



Summary of packing is commonly used in coatings

Coating is a kind of present flow state or can be liquefied solid powder or thick pulp state, can firmly adhere to the uniform coating and the coated surfaces, and the coated objects have adornment eff......



Chemours increases in the price of titanium dioxide profitability is positive

Recently, Chemours announced the company raised its Ti-Pure across the global price of the product. January 1 this year, the titanium white product price $150/ton.Titanium pigment is regarded as the be......



The coating is miscible with metal oxide pigments

Metal Oxide miscible Pigment, also called MMO Pigment (Mixed Metal Oxide Pigment), composite Inorganic Pigment the CICP designation (Complex Inorganic Color Pigment), etc., is by a variety of Metal oxi......



Influence of China's entry into WTO on China's textile and apparel

China is the largest textile producer and exporter in the world. At present, China's textile fiber processing volume has exceeded 10 million tons, the per capita consumption of fiber increased to 5......



Titanium dioxide market ushered in the dawn

In late December 2015, after the first half of the market downturn, titanium dioxide market finally ushered in the dawn.Global titanium dioxide four giant Qi pricesIn December 17th, mu (Chemours) annou......



Some drug companes turn into health care products field due to GMP limit

According to the CFDA released "the nationwide statistics about drug GMP certificate taken back in 2015", this year there's total 140 drug firms throughout the country from which 144 GMP ......



What kind of coating pigment can be called environmental protection paint?

For use in coating of paint, as a result of the harmful substance content in coating are some standards or regulations limit, of these coatings and pigment is heavy To be part of, and therefore also th......



Delamination,bleeding,agglomeration,color colorful coating grain of lacklustre problem resolution

1.the supernatant of colorful coating problemShould be based on enamel (dispersed phase) and protect the proportion of glue solution (dispersion medium) and controlled the difference between them. The ......