Textile Chemistry

As one of the four core businesses of Hongda Group, ......

Material Chemistry

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Biological Pharmacy

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Resin & Additive

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Some drug companes turn into health care products field due to GMP limit

According to the CFDA released "the nationwide statistics about drug GMP certificate taken back in 2015", this year there's total 140 drug firms throughout the country from which 144 GMP ......



What kind of coating pigment can be called environmental protection paint?

For use in coating of paint, as a result of the harmful substance content in coating are some standards or regulations limit, of these coatings and pigment is heavy To be part of, and therefore also th......



Delamination,bleeding,agglomeration,color colorful coating grain of lacklustre problem resolution

1.the supernatant of colorful coating problemShould be based on enamel (dispersed phase) and protect the proportion of glue solution (dispersion medium) and controlled the difference between them. The ......



High temperature resistant powder coating formulations of material selection

High temperature resistant coating is mainly composed of high temperature resistant resin, high temperature resistant paint, high temperature resistant filler, and special additives; Because of its out......



800℃ high temperature resistant anticorrosive paint can be 800 ℃ hot corrosion resistance for a long time

High temperature combustion temperature is above 800 ℃, and under the high temperature combustion products such as carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, combustion generates carbon dioxide, water, fiv......



The golden period for Chinese paint industry is just started

At present our country has become one of the biggest paint manufacturer country, but also a major paint consumption, China's 1.3 billion population, a huge potential consumer market has been the wo......



The impact of VOC tax on the development of Waterborne Coatings

Water-based coatings include water-soluble coatings, water-dilution coatings, water-dispersing coatings (latex paint), 3 kinds of. Water soluble coatings is a water soluble resin as a film, in order to......



Silk screen printing combined with digital development pay more attention to research and development innovation

As economic growth slowed, printing market also shows a tendency of serious supply exceeds demand, make printing market into silence period, need a year and a half or more time to consume excess capaci......



Be pre-coated metal color silver instead of white

Although in most pre-coated metal application field, white always is the mainstream color, but according to a report to the national association of coil coatings (NCCA), silver and other metal color al......



Several kinds of titanium pigment enterprises new ways of saving energy and reducing consumption

Used in the promotion of tubular filterTubular filter machine has the equipment and large capacity, high filtration precision, low labor intensity, high degree of automation, belongs to a kind of preci......



What are the indicators of offset printing ink technology?

Offset printing ink, as a kind of important present graphic information printed material, has the good printing eligibility is required. As offset printing operators, should understand the nature of th......



Gap between Chinese and foreign architectural coatings industry

With the development of China's real estate industry, China's construction industry has been sustained, healthy and rapid development. As a kind of important material in Building Decoration Eng......



Powder coating application of new technology and new progress has been slow

1, powder coating in the application of heat sensitive substrateMDF powder is a hot topic in industry, substantial progress has been slow, however, quite apart from the powder and coating technology, t......



Textile auxiliaries: softener agent

Today's society, clothing industry is booming, people's requirements for clothing is also growing. Some people care about texture, some people settle on the appearance, of course, the best of b......



Ginkgo biloba industry: or will usher in "shuffle"

This May the CFDA checked the low-price sales of ginkgo biloba and drug companies in unannounced inspection and found that guilin xingda pharmaceutical co., LTD. and other ginkgo biloba producing enter......