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Raw material prices push the dyeing and printing industry to improve the performance

Fabrics and artificial cost growth, shaoxing part of dyeing and printing factory has already announced that after slightly rising price of printing and dyeing, red, blue and other sensitive color price......



Origins of the Chemical Industry

Although the use of chemicals dates back to the ancient civilizations, the evolution of what we know as the modern chemical industry started much more recently. It may be considered to have begun durin......



Valentine's Day rose 1 days 1 rose 1 yuan, 70 yuan price rose 3 times to dye

This year's Valentine's Day roses have begun to price surge, the owner said "1 days 1 rose 1 yuan, while the special rose occupies a bright and colorful holiday market in fact, whether it ......



Disperse dyes, carbon black industry chain strong prices of refrigerant

A week or more products: two ethanol amine (Hua Dong), carbon black (Hebei, 19.8%; N330, 15.7%); acetonitrile (Jilin petrochemical), 14.8%; ammonium chloride (Jiangsu Huachang, agricultural, wet) 14.6%......



The fire Finland titanium dioxide factory, Huntsman

A fire started January 30 at Huntsman Corporation's titanium dioxide manufacturing facility in Pori,Finland. All Huntsman accociates at the site have been accounted for and there were no injuries. ......



The application for the after REACH pre registration will be stopped since May 31, 2017

The EU implement the REACH regulations since 1st of June in the year of 2008, registration is the main obligation under the statute.The REACH register is divided into pre registration and formal regist......



Causes and Countermeasures of poor waterproof and oil proof in early stage after finishing

1 performance of waterproof and oil proof agent The stability and the adsorption capacity of cationic water proofing agent are better than that of non-ionic and anionic products. The smaller the molecu......



The dye season is coming

With the recovery of downstream demand and the advent of the industry season, dye prices are expected to continue to rise. Environmental contraction, low industry stocks, clothing demand recovery and o......



Environmental policy tightening Two "pattern" of titanium dioxide or will change

Recently, the national environmental policy tightening, on December 5th, the State Council issued the "13th Five-Year" environmental protection plan "plan, clearly puts forward the"......



Both POE and EVA are toughening agents, what is the difference between the two?

POEComposed of octenes and polyolefin resin, polymer continuous phase and the dispersed phase showed phase separation mixture.Characteristics:(1)The flexible chain of the diene chain and the crystallin......



Children's paint industry need to practice the concept of paint coating of standard constraints

Today, the disorderly competition in the coating industry has disrupted the market order, the need to use a standard to restrict the industry in the direction of healthy and orderly. The level of profi......



China has become the next occupation of ink manufacturers

China has a considerable scale of the printing industry, China's printing industry output is estimated to reach $160 billion. China's printing industry has a strong portfolio of domestic demand......



Southeast Asia powder coatings market is expected to grow steadily

The latest research report shows that the market value of Southeast Asia powder coatings in 2015 was $222 million 700 thousand, while in 2022 is expected to reach $295 million 200 thousand,the compoun......



Powder coating FAQ - coating good flowing property from the formula on how to solve

Considering the storage stability of powder coating, use the glass transition temperature of the resin, high softening point, melt viscosity of the resin is higher, make the powder coating of high melt......



At this stage pigment price movements and trend analysis in 2017

Environment: in 2016 as the country has also intensified its efforts for environmental liability and the norm of the environmental supervision, paint companies to a new round of reshuffle. Paint enterp......