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Material Chemistry

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Biological Pharmacy

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Resin & Additive

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A common additive for recycled plastic

(1) Filler: Many fillers packing up the enhancement effect and plastic modification, an important part of the preparation of composite materials, such as graphite, aluminum sulfide, asbestos fiber and ......



The 2022 European thermoplastic composite material is expected to average annual compound growth rate of 2%

According to the market report, released by the Lucintel thermoplastic composites in the consumer goods market from 2017 to 2022 is expected to average annual compound growth rate to 2%, could reach $1......



Analysis of reactive dyes and dyeing technology

Reactive dye is a water-soluble dye containing one or more active groups in the molecule, and react to form a covalent bond with the hydroxyl groups of cellulose fiber and protein fiber and polyamide f......



What are the properties of pigment for masterbatch

Pigment has the following properties: 1, migration resistance Pigment resistance transference refers to the color of plastic products and other gas, liquid and solid state, material long-term contact o......



The variety and level of color master batch

The classification for masterbatch: Classification by courier:: such as PE Masterbatch,,PP masterbatch, ABS masterbatch, PVC masterbatch, EVA masterbatch . Classification by use: such as injection colo......



Four factors determine the quality of black masterbatch

Individual speaking masterbatch manufacturer of color masterbatch used in textile, plastic, rubber and other products in the contrast, which four factors mentioned above is the quality of the choice of......



Four perspective on titanium dioxide

Idea 1: paint factory inventory is high, but with the positive. Main factory inventory is higher, but still actively taking goods. This phenomenon shows that factory on the afternoon of titanium dioxid......



Water-based coating is applied widely, less than 20% market share, development space is huge!

Environmental protection, water-based paint into a trendRecently, according to the reporter interviews the current standing committee of the CPPCC national committee, jiangxi province, vice President o......



Dye market concentration will continue to improve profitability will improve for a long time

Dye products to maintain high gross margin will be the inevitable result of the future. China has become the world's largest dye producer and trading country, in 2015 the national total dye produ......



LANXESS expansion of iron oxide pigment

Germany LANXESS company (Lanxess) announced plans to Krefeld-Uerdingen in Germany, the world's largest synthetic iron oxide pigment red and black pigment factory in the current production capacity ......



The crisis behind textile boom has came, and 99% of people are not aware of it

Since 2016, in the raw materials soared under the impetus of the textile enterprises getting tight, and with the background to the production capacity, supply side reforms, many textile enterprises hav......



Why do you want to wash and wear new clothes? How to wash?

When you buy new clothes are eager to cut signs, immediately put it on? Or must be washed to wear new clothes? Some people say that if you do not wash wear will cause is not really so terrible? Let&#......



Digital ink jet will open the third revolution of Chinese textile industry

Digital printing has become the most sensational term in the field of textile printing in recent years. It shows that there will be a bigger market for future production. Prior to 2019, the global text......



"Data" thinking, explore the paint industry consumer trends and growth opportunities

Every year, every quarter, every month, even every week, filed out of the data report of all sorts of industries.In paint industry, this wave of huge amounts of data are often contain the trend of the ......



No one can stop the price increase, what’s the trend of coating industry of 2017

There are three reasons for the increase.1) Raw materials, artificial rise, business costs increased;2) The state introduced the highway "three limit" policy, so the packaging, logistics cost......