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The Shortage of Phenol May Be Emerged Again in Asian API Market

According to report,due to the recovery of the demand and many planning capacity cannot be put into production on schedule.The shortage of phenol may be emerged again in Asian market during next ......



Chinese ink industry has entered a "golden age"

Some chemical products market is weak,however ink market appeared upward trend,4 types of main printing ink product price is rising.the market share of 50% of the ordinary offset printing ink pri......



The titanium city overall weakness in titanium dioxide rally expected short

The international titanium dioxide market in the fourth quarter will be temporary,the trend continued weakness in the market,Europe,North America and other international market prices vulnerable.......



European phenol cut or by acetone prices

According to reports,the Europe acetone purchaser will have to face acetone prices,and was disappointed.Since some phenol plant to reduce the load rate.Acetone is phenol associated products,mainl......



PVC masterbatch coloring

PVC masterbatch granular and pie.The former is the other additives in PVC resin pigments mixed screw extruder mixing granulator from greatly improved mobility,good dispersion,good uniformity,meas......



It was found that a protein complex could promote cancer cell proliferation in Japan

Japan Yamaguchi University researchers reported,they found that the combination of two proteins that becomes related with the formation and proliferation of cancer cell,if finding out the materia......



The market size of Global green ink will be reach 7.2 billion euros in 2014

The latest survey report from PiraInternational shows that the market size of the global green (environmentally friendly) ink in 2009 reached $5.8 billion,and is expected to reach $7.2 billion by......



Status of fire retardant paint industry

The frequent occurrence of fire accidents across the country in recent years,causing heavy casualties and property losses,are shocking. Therefore,the development of a flame retardant,non-combusti......



Special pigment standards

For many users of packaging and printing,special luster pigment is a relatively unknown Concept Speaking of pearlescent pigments and pearl effect printing industry insiders familiar with much.Tra......



Full cotton dyeing technology

Bleaching:scouring and bleaching is the application of chemical and mechanical action to remove the impurities,fabric.The fabric whiteness,softness,good permeability,to prepare for dyeing and pri......



Domestic AIDS vaccine start the test in second phase with new technology

AIDS vaccine exploration have been going on for 20 years,so far,there have been only four AIDS vaccine into the third phase of clinical trials in the world,but three failed,one in Thailand RV144 ......



Nearly 60% diabetes patients lack of disease education in China

The Chinese medical diabetes association education management seminar & 2012 international diabetes education management forum recently held in Chongqing.The data disclosed in the meeting show th......



The different between prohibiting dyestuff and green dye

1.prohibiting dyestuff In recent years,the deterioration of the quality of the environment and ecological balance is concerned,a part of the national government agency that the aromatic amine is ......



New factory of Akzo Nobel Automotive and aerospace coatings launched in Changzhou

The factory located in the New North Industrial Park in Changzhou, whose construction area ​is over 166,000 square meter. The new plant will be composed by the production factory,the relevant war......



Beijing issued the main emphasized precaution contaminations varieties through heavy rains

On July 25th,Beijing Health Bureau released a report with Center for Disease Control and pointed out the food contaminations varieties which should focus on and the health hazard that people shou......