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The entire iron oxide industry development trend

Iron oxide pigments in the coatings industry is second only to the titanium dioxide color pigment,it's a variety of colors to provide the desired color for the paint industry.So the development o......



The new urbanization promote the growth of iron oxide industry

The government emphasizes promoting new urbanization,which not only brings opportunities for the iron oxide industry structure adjustment in China,which will also promote the growth of iron oxide......



Indian paint market demand will grow in the next few years

U.S. market research agency AC Nielsen recently released a forecast report, about the Indian paint industry status and future development.The report said,the year 2011,India's domestic paint mark......



The Chinese paint output hit a record high

In 2012,the Chinese paint industry amounted to 12.71875 million tons,up 11.79%,hit a record high,and continue to maintain the global paint the biggest producer of status. As we have learned,our c......



Basf release a new catalyst used in two

Basf will shows a lot of different products and services in nuremberg,Germany 2013 European coatings show (ECS).At that time the experts whom from Basf and BTC (basf European distribution mechani......



Carlyle completed the purchase of the business of DuPont Performance Coatings

The private equity giant Carlyle Group (CG) announced on Monday that they has completed the purchase of DuPont(DD) performance coatings business,the transaction price of$ 4.9 billion. The deal wa......



In 2012, the Chinese printing and dyeing industry have six major event review

1.clear industry development direction In February,Chinese printing and dyeing industry association issued the dyeing and printing industry 'the Twelfth Five-Year Plan' development plan and puts ......



Dow developed new technology to replace titanium dioxide

Most of the traditional paint use  titanium dioxide as the main ingredient for cover features.In view of the fluctuating market of titanium dioxide prices in recent years,Dow has developed the te......



Lanxess announced that they will built a new iron oxide pigment plant in Ningbo

German specialty chemicals group LANXESS announced the construction of a high-tech&high-quality iron oxide red pigment factory in Ningbo Chemical Industry Zone,in order  to expand its global inor......



Color masterbatch and functional color masterbatch

Color masterbatch is stain,carrier resin,dispersing agent,coupling agent,surface active agent and synergistic agent system of high concentration of coloured aggregate. Function color masterbatch ......



Import paint occupied domestic market,which have nine unqualified batch

In 2012,suzhou inspection and quarantine total area import paint 759 batch, 2674.9 tons,the amount of us $20.06 million,including non aqueous medium paint and varnish for 663 group,2271.2 tons,$1......



Chloride process titanium dioxide Development Analysis

At present,the domestic titanium dioxide factory showing a low excess capacity.The majority of the plant has an annual capacity of less than 50,000 tons, annual production capacity of thousands o......



Iron oxide pigment widely used in the marine heavy duty coatings

At present,China's economic and social development facing worsening resource and environmental constraints,the ocean is gradually becoming support sustainable economic and social development of a......



Strengthen the high and new technology application

Textile technology breakthrough,especially to promote the industrialization of the application layer,the need for textile machinery equipment support,can say textile equipment technology is the p......



the global paint prices rose about 4.5% in 2012

On January 14,business club-the world paints and coatings industry association released by the world's ten largest paint brand company's 2012 annual report.The Dutch akzo Nobel with annual sales ......