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Takie the First Step of the Long March for Breaking Hospitals Depending on Selling Medicine, Reforming Need Matching Support

On May 18th,Bejing City announced formally to launch a new round of public hospital reform pilot, exploring "two separating, three mechanisms", which namely seperated management from carrying out......



Coating class: why the gloss of anti

What caused the decrease of the gloss of anti-corrosive paint: 1. Concentration of pigment is oversize. 2. Pigment havn’t been fully dispersed , still exist the big granules and coalescence of p......



Health Foods Functions and evaluation method issued by SFDA

According to the news from SFDA' website, recently SFDA revised and released the evaluation method of nine health food functions, such as antioxidant, alleviating visual fatigue etc. To carry out......



Domestic titanium dioxide’ hot market quotations is over

The titanium dioxide industry had been in full swing last year at once, the anatase even had price doubled. In the trend of decreasing the global economic growth rate, though the foreign titanium......



Kenya surfactant market is thriving

With the development of Kenya economy and the improvement of people's living level, Kenya increases its demand of the home and personal care consumer good quickly, so as to promote the expansion ......



Accelerate the transformation and upgrading,the dyestuff and pigment industry entered a new round of adjustment period

We can know from the twelfth China International Dye Industry, Pigments,Textile Chemicals Exhibition which was held in Shanghai from April 11 to 13 that in the effect of the tightening energy sav......



How much harm of the chromium in the leather

Since the exposed some pharmaceutical companys used capsules which contain too much chromium,The State Food and Drug Administration has issued an emergency notice to ban the sale and use of the ......



Factors affecting the quality of reactive dye printing of the textile

Printing technology has a long history in our country.Early in the Six Dynasties,the Tang and Song dynasties already have the records of “Colored Jiaxie Silk Skirt”.Now the common dyeing proces......



The outlook of the Plasticizer, oil price and chemical market trendency at next week

Although he United States economic data and the actual demand of crude oil will affect the oil price,the United States high inventory will become the leading factors of the international oil pric......



Resistance exsits in the fluctuation of phenol price

Phenol price fluctuated,the market atmosphere warming and cooling interweaved.Under the condition of bad following-up of the terminal substantial demand,the market outlook is not sure.These are t......




Polyurethane materials have been widely used in various areas recently,especially in the coating field of the wood,plastic,metal and concrete substrate.Successful applications in this area depend......



Dissect how to jump out the strange circles of high yield Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient with low price through the unqualified capsules

The APIs and medicine material trade meeting was held in Hefei at the same time,just coincided with the harsh days of the unqualified capsules problem,the quality and safety of raw materials atta......



A new generation of formaldehyde

At present,in the international field of the textile printing, formaldehyde is widely used as a crosslinking agent in the textile industry.Most of the pigment printing binders on the market conta......



Faitigued and weak demand raw materials price drop, titanium dioxide prices just like high diving

After a magnificent upsurge of the titanium dioxide prices rising,it starts to high diving.Despite the current foreign titanium dioxide giants are still raising the price,the titanium dioxide’s ......



2012 new standards of the International Oeko

The International Oeko-Tex Association announced the latest OEKO -TEX® Standard of the 100 Textiles harmful substances test standard and limited requirements in the annual meeting as usual, which......