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China titanium dioxide industry in the year 2013 to prevent excess capacity

In 2012,the titanium dioxide industry in China has experienced sustained concussion,in 2013 industry overall stabilisation.However,the rapid growth of industry investment further aggravated the p......



Using the textile industry has become a new growth pole

At present,the development of the textile industry is slow,and industrial textiles are becoming the important growth pole.Chines Industrial Textiles Association President Li Lingshen recently rev......



The introduction of leucotrope W and O of printing paste

1.Leucotrope W:it is also called etherification agent W.Leucotrope W can be used as VAT dye,organization.When discharge printing land color can help to discharge white.If use reductant rongalite ......



Paint knowledge: acrylic emulsion coating product classified introduction

Acrylic emulsion paint is divided into three kinds in the respect of film material:one kind is pure c coating,it is used acrylic copolymer emulsion for film material,its performance is best,but t......



Export Situation of Pharmaceutical Industry is Not Optimistic

According to report,the total scale of pharmaceutical industry will reach 1.8 trillion RMB this year,the average profit at the level of 10%.Thereinto,the pharmaceutical industry will achieve the ......



Carbon black market is changeable In 2012,what's development in the future?

2006~2012 domestic carbon black apparent consumption appeared to rise,on the whole,apparent consumption appears the trend of rapid increasing year by year. Only by 2008 financial crisis influence......



Xiamen will have the First fully automated paint production line

Recently,Xiamen&Taiwan Technology Incubation Center announced that: Xiamen Paiding Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. and Fujian Haodi Coating Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a fully automatic coatin......



Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Enterprises

At present,our country has been the biggest API producer and exporter,the third pharmaceutical market and the second OTC pharmaceutical market of the world.Facing this opportunity,pharmaceutical ......



Applications of Carbon Black in plastics industry

First,coloring carbon black Pigment carbon blacks generally could be used for coloring plastics can be selected according to the the coloring characteristics or the physical and chemical properti......



The method of reactive dye resist printing

Resist printing process is developed on the basis of resist dyeing process,the mechanism of the resist printing and resist dyeing the same,but there are differences,the traditional resist printin......



Difficulties to Exports of Chinese Medicine

The Chinese medicine enterprises face with the following difficulties: Reliance on overseas market demand excessively.Raw material products are main export products of Chinese medicine.However,pu......



The small and specially pharmaceutical raw materials have a good export market

According to the data statistics,from January to August in this year,the change of export structure of pharmaceutical chemicals is not so obvious.Among export products,Antibiotic,Vitamin,Amino ac......



Comprehensive analysis of pearl pigment market demand in our country

Pearl pigment is a kind of lustre pigments,can be widely used in automotive paint,plastic,paint,building materials,cosmetics,toys,etc. In our country,although start time of pearl pigment industry......



Liaoning liangang pigment and dyestuff chemicals successfully develop pigment red 149

Pigment red 149 which produced by Liaoning liangang pigment and dyestuff chemicals CO., LTD. has strong stability,high temperature and sunlight resistant. It can be apply to tinting of high class......



Note rutile titanium dioxide ink industry

Today,titanium dioxide is becoming more and more widely,but in our ink production areas,the use of rutile titanium dioxide should be noted that what problems?Let us look at some of our titanium d......