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Domestic and foreign titanium dioxide are hidden weakly

The recent development of the international titanium dioxide market is weakness,and the third quarter of the price adjustment are showing deadlock and difficult uplink,weak downstream markets to ......



Discussion and analysis of the existing major problems of the fireproof coatings in our country

According to the similar technology experience in foreign developed countries and our customers’ increasing requirements,the gaps and problems still existed through the development and applicati......



Five great risks test the development of the coating industry

Recently we found that some enterprises’ condition of the production and management were not going well,now the coating industry faced with severe situation,and risks are in the making. Great ch......



Dye and Pigment demand grow 3.9% annually China occupies 2/5 of the global demand

Recently,a new study made by the American industrial market research company Freedonia Group Company estimates that the global dyes and organic pigments demand will rise at an annual rate of 3.9%......



Demand of the global dye and the organic dye keep rising

According to the real profits (currency adjustment) of the manufacturing,we can estimate that the global dyes and organic pigments demand will rise at an annual rate of 3.9%,and might reach 16.2 ......



The International Medicine Magnate Roche was Exposed of Scandal The Related A

Biological pharmaceutical companies usually have a high respected return because of its unique concept,but high risks also accompany with them.The investment of the biological medicine should ret......



Titanium Dioxide Market Starve For the Support of Market "Demand"

Since the bidding up of Lomon titanium dioxide in June aroused the market's woes,some manufacturers began to realize some situations that the titanium dioxide incresed shapely.The reason is that ......



Ningbo “Powder Coatings Alliance standard

In order to enhance the quality of the massive industry of Ningbo Powder Coatings and promote corporate restructuring and upgrading,the coating industry associations of NingboCity started the pre......



Active dye used in the techique of active (discharge

Discharge prints also be called as sculpture. It is the pringting process to print mill base which can eliminate ground colour to produce white or colourful pattern on the dyed fabric. During the......



European titanium dioxide market keep stable,domestic promote price rising factors appeared frequently

Now titanium dioxide is regarded as the best performance pigment of white in the world. It is mainly used in coating, plastic, printing ink, papermaking and so on, among them coating occupies 60%......



Ningbo coating industry association held the re

Ningbo coating industry association held “the re-election working conference and the Industry development forum” ceremoniously in the New Century Hotel on March 24th.This conference was chaired......



Coating knowledge: main compositions and function of emulsion paint

a)Base stock (film former) : synthetic resin emulsion (styrene-acrylic, acetic styrene-acrylic, acrylic latex, silicone acrylic, etc.). Function: emulsion is non-volatile part of the coating, als......



Demand of Digital printing machine in China increased year by year

According to statistics, the inventory of various types of digital ink-jet printing machine in our country is about 700 in 2011,and the quantity of digital ink-jet printing is 140 million meters,......



How to strengthen marketing ability of coating brand

The coating brand attached great importance to the description of product properties and traceability of technology. Even some enterprise give up developing environmental protection  and other pe......



Next Year New Regulations to Test Textiles Harmful Substances will be Adopted

Recently, the International Environmental Protection Association released 100 kinds of textile products’  harmful substances test and the latest limit value requirements at the annual meeting.To......